BABYMETAL have collaborated with digital fashion label 1BLOCK to create NFT sneakers you can wear in their own virtual “Metalverse.”

They created 10 versions of the BABYMETAL x Airsmoke sneaker. The names are “Cavalry,” “Illusion,” “Coffin,” “Inverted Mirror Reflection,” “Monochrome,” “Smoke,” “Light And Darkness,” “Transition,” “Mirror” and “Throne.”

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BABYMETAL have made the announcement after previously hinting they would “disappear from our sight” following their 10th anniversary.

“October 10, 2021, a decade after BABYMETAL descended upon this earth, their 10-year-old legend was sealed from the world,” Babymetal write in a teaser video. “Fossilized metal spirits left the dystopian world where chaos still continues and are still in the midst of traveling the Metal Galaxy. However, with the advent of the virtual world METALVERSE, a new chapter is about to begin. Through the METALVERSE, a restoration project called THE OTHER ONE will reveal a side of BABYMETAL we never knew existed. “This is the ‘other’ story of BABYMETAL.”

The sneakers will become available for purchase on OpenSea. An ETH start auction kicks off April 7 at 9 a.m. EST, coming to an end April 11 at 9 p.m. EST.

You can watch the cryptic teaser for the new project below.