Let's cut to the chase: Brian Baker is an American punk-rock treasure. His immortality in punk was sealed forever as a member of Washington, D.C. straightedge hardcore outfit Minor Threat. When that band broke up, Baker kept on keeping on, with stints in various D.C. acts before ending up in the totally righteous Bad Religion. So when you've cemented your punk cred and have seen the world multiple times over, what's left to do? We don't know who suggested "Do a cooking segment for APTV and call it Diner Threat." We're just elated he agreed to do it.

Baker and his wife shot the footage in their New Jersey home earlier this summer. It's OK: No errant punks or square bystanders were harmed in the making of this video. Baker saves the dangerous stuff for his art. This month, you can read about his ascension to the ranks of Bad Religion in Jim Ruland's book, Do What You Want. Or you can turn the volume way up on the self-titled album from his new band, Fake Names.

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Come for Brian Baker's articulate dry wit and stay for the recipe. Here he waxes on the best thing about a global pandemic and living a grocery-sheltered existence in Washington, D.C. There are moments where he cops to off-camera kitchen prep to save time and composure. (Pay attention to the device every home chef needs to "feel closer" to their food.) Baker also explains in significant detail the difference between "sauce" and "gravy."

This is the part of the story where we could lapse into Dad-joke territory. You know, "If you think Brian Baker cooks on guitar with Bad Religion, just wait until you see him in an actual kitchen!" But APTV is far too sophisticated for that. Besides, he's got knives in that kitchen. And he knows where our office is. Bon appetit, punker.