Nearly five years ago, Bad Suns returned with their second studio album Disappear Here. Although a lot of time has passed since 2016, the band have never performed the album from front to back for fans.

Now, it looks like that is changing. On Mar. 13, Bad Suns are hosting a special event where they will be performing the entire album in full for the first time ever.

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Following the success of their debut album Language & Perspective in 2014, Bad Suns felt some pressure when it came time to record their sophomore LP. Eventually, Bad Suns went on to create Disappear Here, a 13-track album that has truly stood the test of time. Since its release, songs such as "Daft Pretty Boys," "Violet" and "Off She Goes" have become fan favorites. In fact, all three tracks have a combined total of nearly 120 million streams on Spotify.

Now, Bad Suns are returning to the Disappear Here era for a special livestream. On Mar. 13, they are hosting a virtual concert especially for fans where they will be performing the 2016 album in its entirety.

Frontman Christo Bowman exclusively told Alternative Press why Bad Suns have decided to perform Disappear Here in full now.

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"This album was a breakthrough for us and our fans," Bowman says. "Overcoming the sophomore slump dilemma is a challenge for any band, especially when your debut is greeted with the success that Language & Perspective was. We’re coming up on five years since its release and to perform these songs, front to back, for the very first time feels like a dream you don’t want to wake up from."

Bad Suns' Disappear Here virtual concert kicks off at noon PT on Mar. 13. Tickets are available to purchase here.


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Although it's been almost two years since Bad Suns released their last full-length album Mystic Truth, they've continued to crank out plenty of new music. Last year, they debuted three new singles - "I'm Not Having Any Fun," "Unstable" and, more recently, "Baby Blue Shades."

For the latter single, Bad Suns reunited with producer Eric Palmquist who worked on the band's first two records. As well, Bad Suns dropped a colorful Logan Rice-directed video for "Baby Blue Shades" in September.

"Baby Blue Shades’ was one of those songs sent from the cosmos without a moment’s warning,”  Bowman says. “Extracted from a feeling of helplessness and desperation, following hours of unfruitful labor, the music came right to my hands and out of my mouth in a flash, along with a sense of euphoria. That cycle of emotions is exactly what you hear in this song.”

Is Disappear Here your favorite Bad Suns album? Are you going to tune in for their virtual concert? Let us know in the comments below.