[Photo by: @andrei_restrepo/Dave Escamilla/Instagram]

Bad Fortune, a new duo comprised of ex-Crown The Empire vocalist Dave Escamilla and musician Paul Bartolomé, have dropped their first single, "Save Me."

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This is the first we are hearing new music from Escamilla after he parted ways with Crown The Empire back in January to pursue other musical ventures.

Shortly after his unexpected exit, he teamed up with Bartolomé, dubbing him his new "partner in crime." The singer teased the announcement of "Save Me" via his Instagram before posting the YouTube link the next day.

Listen to "Save Me" below:

Although this is Bad Fortune's first real release, Escamilla says the track was created "strictly for fun" and to "see how well we work together creatively."

"This doesn’t mean we’re dropping an album and this isn’t our permanent 'sound,'" he writes on his Instagram post. "I just mainly wanted to introduce my fans and friends to Paul’s voice and showcase more of my other abilities as far as writing, recording and mixing."