Los Angeles-based musician and producer Baird has unveiled a new single, the propulsive “Angel Hair.”

“‘Angel Hair’ is a song about late summer heartbreak (or love?),” he says. “It was the fastest song I ever wrote; I just sat down with a sink full of dishes, belly full of pasta, had one drink, and the song wrote itself. Later, I realized that I must have borrowed some inspiration from that William Carlos Williams poem ‘This Is Just To Say,’ but I can’t say it wasn’t autobiographical either. I tapped my dear friend and bandmate Buck Raines to play some drums and finish out the production with me. We played it live together a few times and picked the best take.”

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Baird wrapped up his three-volume BIRDSONGS series in 2022 and released a new collaboration with his brother as the South Hill Experiment, MOONSHOTS, in May.

Listen to “Angel Hair” below.