With fall already upon us, it’s time to start thinking about dressing warmer. If you’re looking to add a little kick to your closet or you’re simply looking for fall outfit inspiration, look no further.

See how some of your favorite artists and musicians are stepping up their fashion game and check out how you can incorporate these band-inspired looks into your wardrobe this season.

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1. Mixing patterns

Feeling both polka dots and stripes? Why not mix them both? Mixing different patterns at the same time can be tricky, so if you’re not quite ready to make the jump, you can pull inspiration from YUNGBLUD by combining your favorite patterns with a bright solid color.

2. Dad hats

Bands have been jumping on the dad hat trend with their summer merch lines, so why not continue the trend into fall? Wear it forward to show off your favorite band’s logo or spin it around to give it more of a snapback-style feel just like blackbear.

3. Beanies

One must-have for the forthcoming chilly weather is a classic beanie. Coming in a wide range of styles and colors, finding one to match your fall outfits should be easy enough.

4. Layers

Being in the throes of cool weather, it’s time to get creative with different ways to keep warm just like Halsey. You can never go wrong by layering a flannel or jean jacket over your favorite outfit.

5. Neon colors

Just because it’s the time of the year where everything begins to die doesn’t mean your color choices have to as well. While the leaves show off their kickass colors, you can do the same by adding some neon shades to your fall wardrobe keeping Stand Atlantic in mind for inspiration.

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6. Stripes

2019 is all about stripes. They come in a wide variety of styles and colors, and when paired with a jean or leather jacket, they are the perfect go-to apparel during cool weather. Just ask Tyler Carter of Issues.

7. Sick shades

Whether you’re choosing to block the haters or simply keep the sun out of your eyes, there are plenty of sick shades out there that can double as the perfect fall accessory including Paramore’s sold out (but hopefully restocked soon) rose-colored collection with Crap Eyewear

8. Back in black

Can you ever go wrong with black? While everything outside begins to change colors, you can contrast it all by sticking to your emo roots like As It Is.

9. Kickass combats

Trade in the overdone and overused UGG boots for some kickass combat boots this fall like Lights. They pair nicely with a wide array of outfits while providing the subtle hint that you mean business. 

10. Button-ups

Whether you’re celebrating Aloha Friday or taking inspiration from Don Broco’s wide array of designs, you can never go wrong with a classic button-up. With an endless amount of designs, colors and styles, there’s a button-up out there for everyone to enjoy this fall.