A few weeks ago on March 20, Bandcamp waived all of its distributor fees and allowed artists to receive all of the money from their sales. The move was a massive helping hand in the wake of coronavirus greatly impacting the livelihoods of musicians.

Now, according to a recent email sent to artists and bands using the platform, they plan to waive all fees again on Friday, May 1.

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Bandcamp's first attempt at waiving their share of the profits was hugely successful. The organization ended up bringing in a total of $4.3 million for bands over the course of the day with 800,000 sales taking place.

Back when the initial announcement was made, Bandcamp co-founder and CEO Ethan Diamond offered a statement on the move which you can read below.

“To raise even more awareness around the pandemic’s impact on musicians everywhere, we’re waiving our revenue share on sales this Friday, March 20th (from midnight to midnight Pacific Time), and rallying the Bandcamp community to put much-needed money directly into artists’ pockets.”

It continues: “For many artists, a single day of boosted sales can mean the difference between being able to pay rent or not. Still, we consider this just a starting point. Musicians will continue to feel the effects of lost touring income for many months to come, so we’re also sharing some ideas below on how fans can support the artists they love and how artists can give fans new, creative ways to provide support.”

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Now, it seems that Bandcamp plans to waive their fees once more. The announcement also says they have some other things in mind, but the details are unknown. In an email sent to artists and bands from Bandcamp, the company says they plan to announce the news on Monday, April 27. Read the email below.


A few Friday's ago, we waived our revenue share to help artists and labels impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Bandcamp community went above and beyond, spending $4.3 million on music and merch in just 24 hours. It was an inspiring day, and we heard many requests to do it again so we're going to do exactly that (and a bit more).

We'll announce the details of this initiative to everyone next Monday, but we wanted to give our artists and labels and heads up that the first step is coming soon: on Friday, May 1st, we are going to waive our revenue share again. Stay tuned for more information next week, and be sure to check out our new Bandcamp Artist Guide for recommendations that will help you maximize your sales on May 1st and beyond.

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So stay tuned and we hope to hear from Bandcamp on the matter on April 27. We're especially excited to see what new ways they're going to help out.

Bands of course are going to continue needing people’s help in these difficult times. If you’re looking for ways to help out, check out these ten ways to help the music industry right now.

Did you buy something from Bandcamp the last time they waived their fees? Tell us in the comments below!

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