Bandcamp shared an update on their blog today, introducing their new app for artists and labels. It’s intended to give real-time stats and help artists more directly connect with their fans.

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Ethan Diamond, Bandcamp's co-founder and CEO, posted a video tutorial showing exactly how the app works—and how easy it is to use. The app will let you pull statistics on how many listens a track has (and how many times fans skip a track), take a closer look at sales stat breakdowns, and makes communication with fans through messages and photos even easier, giving artists and labels the opportunity to even target their fanbase as they'd like, based on fan location and level of support.

Not to mention, it’ll help manage and fulfill merch orders and easily manage what products are available. Oh, and the app is free.

You can watch the full screencast on how the app works on Bandcamp’s site right now.

The Bandcamp App for Artists and Labels is available for Android and iOS.