Sick guitar solos and wicked beats are cool. But drop an obtuse sample from a movie into your jam and we'll perk up immediately. That's what we were thinking when we put this list together.  Our list of 10 songs with iconic movie samples should keep the celluloid rockers among you amused. Or lying that you knew their origins.

There's certainly nothing new about sampling. Entire genres have been built around taking snatches of sound (or movie dialog) and transforming it into something new. Some people do it just enough to come off cool. Others go way over the top and come off cooler. When bands in our scene do it, it feels more like an extension of the lyrics. Sure, some of the entries here use it to squeeze a little more rage into the mix. But in a lot of these cases, the movie samples used are more like cue cards on how to feel. As opposed to being boo-scary or downright arty.

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It's not even weird that the loud guitar community AltPress covers would use movie samples in their music. There are entire bands whose raison d'etre are built on them. (Who amongst us has not craved a bit of the old "cinemagrind?") We think our video of iconic movie samples will startle you or just make you smile. Maybe we'll sate your curiosity. (Read: "Where is that from?") Perhaps we'll influence your Netflix habits.

We're starting to wonder what would happen if this list got around to movie studios. Would attorneys be summoned to squeeze some change out of your favorite bands? Whether these movie samples were cleared for use is really none of our concern. We just think they sound cool. Which is the only thing that really matters at the end of the day. Or at the end of the movie credits...