As cannabis continues to become more widely accepted and legalized medically and recreationally across North America, bands are taking advantage of the opportunity for new merch items. Whether it’s branded pipes, grinders, rolling papers, stash jars or even flower, there’s an endless amount of options for artists to explore within the cannabis industry. 

Check out some of the best pieces of cannabis merch bands have put out below. 

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Black Dahlia Murder pipes

Death-metal act the Black Dahlia Murder have always been very open about their love for cannabis. While they’ve had weed-oriented shirt designs, grinders and more, their line of pipes is the band at their most creative. They made seven glass pipes designed around their album color schemes with their brutal logo etched into the handle. 

Cattle Decapitation grinders

Cattle Decapitation are easily one of the most brutal bands fighting for animal rights and environmental issues, so it isn’t surprising that they are huge fans of the almighty herb. The death-grind vets have a line of grinders designed with their logo as well as some of their album covers. And they look about as sharp as the riffs they spew out into the world. 

Deez Nuts rolling papers

Deez Nuts make it pretty clear they’re into partying through their lyrics. They brought their fans a way to connect their cannabis use with their musical interests via branded rolling papers. The pack features their logo along with imagery from their 2015 record, Word Is Bond

Cephalic Carnage vaporizer

Grindcore veterans Cephalic Carnage were early adopters of cannabis merch. Inspired by their song “Vaporized,” the band partnered with 7th Floor Vapes to create a high-quality tabletop vaporizer. The vape is designed around their 2010 record, Misled By Certainty. It’s easily one of the best and highest-quality pieces of cannabis merch from a band. 

Rico Nasty ice cream pipe

Hip-hop and cannabis go hand in hand, so Rico Nasty’s limited-edition box with a number of branded cannabis merch items was a match made in heaven. Along with all of the extra items she had included in the box was a sweet ice cream cone pipe that played off her colorful artwork and love for the plant. 

Carnifex grinder

Deathcore pioneers Carnifex have long been championing the cannabis industry, and their grinders are the perfect way to show them some love while preparing for a smoke sesh. They’re emblazoned with their sharp logo and built like a beast, meaning you won’t be hitting up a smoke shop anytime soon looking for a replacement.

Dance Gavin Dance dugout

Dance Gavin Dance have always had really awesome merch items, but their dugout is one of the most creative. The band made the wooden one-hitter as part of their “Chocolate Jackalope” merch line. It features an antlered rabbit carved into the natural wood design. 

Green Day stash jar

Green Day are selling Grinders and Stash Jars now from r/greenday

Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt has partnered with a cannabis farm already, so why not expand the band’s merch into the industry too? They’re currently selling grinders and sweet stash jars as part of their Father Of All... promotional cycle so you can show your love for punk rock while rolling up a joint.