[Photo by: Paramore/Lindsey Byrnes, Vans]

We've read somewhere that your footwear can say a lot about you as a person. Maybe you're the avid concert-goer who rocks the classic Vans look. Or perhaps you're a badass babe who prefers to rock a studded combat boot. We took 10 of your favorite bands and matched them up with the perfect pair of shoes to reflect the "sole" of their band (haha...sorry).

Check our your favorite bands as shoes, below!

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1. Paramore - Checkered Vans

Paramore Checkered Vans

[Photo by: Paramore/Lindsey Byrnes, Vans]

A classic and a favorite among so many.

2. Pales Waves - Docs

Pale Wave Docs

[Photo by: Pale Waves/Facebook, Dr. Martens]

Dark, indie vibes and always a stylish go-to.

3. Creeper - Creepers

Creeper Creepers

[Photo by: T.U.K.]

This one is pretty obvious.

4. State Champs - Sk8-Hi Vans

state champs sk8-Hi Vans

[Photo by: State Champs/Kane Hibberd, Vans]

Pop punk at its finest.

5. Blink-182 - Chuck Taylor Converse

Blink-182 Converse Chuck Taylor

[Photo by: Journeys/Converse]

Everyone has a pair of chucks, and everyone loves Blink...coincidence?

6. Speak Low If You Speak Love - Crocs

Speak Low If You Speak Love Crocs

[Photo by: Crocs]

Not afraid to be who he is and stick out among the rest.

7. Waterparks - Bright-Colored Vans

waterparks bright colored vans journeys

[Photo by: Journeys/Twitter]

Why blend in when you can stand out in the loudest way possible?

8. PVRIS - T.U.K. Jam Shoes

pvris t.u.k. jam shoes

[Photo by: T.U.K.]

Black aesthetic with a clean and simple style that pull together for the complete look.

9. Against The Current - Combat Boots

against the current combat boots

[Photo by: Hot Topic]

When you want to be stylish but also let them know you mean business and aren't here to play around.

10. Blessthefall - Custom Vans

Bless the Fall Custom Vans

[Photo by: Bless The Fall/Facebook, Beau Bokan/Instagram]

Taking a classic look and putting your own spin on it.

Which shoe would you pair with your favorite band? Let us know in the comments below!