Some of your favorite acts from the scene boast of brother and sister acts, and it’s probably for the best: You know they’ll stick together forever like family because, well, they are family! From emo and pop-punk legends such as Good Charlotte and My Chemical Romance to newer gen bands such as Pierce The Veil and Title Fight, siblings are all over the place. Keep that in mind next time you consider giving your little bro a wedgie. 

Benji and Joel Madden (Good Charlotte)

It’s best to start at the most iconic bro duo of the last two decades, right? Not only are Good Charlotte masterminds Benji and Joel Madden brothers, they’re also identical twins (but if you know them as well as we do, you’ll realize it’s pretty easy to tell them apart. They’re very different!). Nowadays the guys split their time between their GC duties and running MDDN, a music company with their older brother, Josh. They really know how to keep it in the family. 

Tegan and Sara Quin (Tegan And Sara)

Good Charlotte aren’t the only band around with twins. Tegan And Sara, the well-known Canadian pop duo, also are identical twins. While their music is a far cry from much of the scene—they’re definitely a mainstream pop act these days—their roots are planted firmly within it: The album that put them on the map, 2007’s The Con, was produced by Death Cab For Cutie’s Chris Walla.

Keith and Jordan Buckley (Every Time I Die)

Like any band of brothers, Keith and Jordan Buckley founded their own band, Every Time I Die. ETID started while the metalcore vets were living in Buffalo, New York, and have been at it since 1998—Keith on vocal duties and Jordan on guitar. There’s no stopping them now.

Gerard and Mikey Way (My Chemical Romance)

Currently inactive (but we have our freakin’ hopes up), My Chemical Romance were the ultimate in sibling synchronicity. Frontman Gerard started tooling around with music when a comic book career didn’t seem promising, and Mikey, being the good bro and bassist that he was, decided to collaborate. Who knows where we’d be without ‘em.

Vic and Mike Fuentes (Pierce The Veil)

Pierce The Veil’s Vic and Mike Fuentes have been in the music game for a while—they played in a band called Before Today until they broke up in 2007, inspiring V and M to start Pierce The Veil together. With Vic’s vocal range and Mike’s unbeatable percussion, we’re lucky they decided to keep the dream going.

Jared and Shannon Leto (Thirty Seconds To Mars)

Much of the earth still only thinks of Jared Leto as the Joker, the actor, and those people are wrong. His true passion lies in the stadium-sized rock band Thirty Seconds To Mars with brother/drummer Shannon Leto. If you haven’t seen them live, you’re missing out on something great.

Ned and Ben Russin (Title Fight)

Would you look at that, another set of twins, just not identical this time around! Pennsylvania punk-gone-shoegaze band Title Fight boasts of bros, too: Ned Russin plays bass and Ben’s on drums. The family that plays percussion together, stays together.