Bandsintown recently commissioned research of U.S. concert-goers.

From a study of 1800 music fans, they created the behavior segments detailed in the above graphic. They found that concert-related keywords in Google have been declining over the past few years and that more people expect to find concerts via push notifications such as those that they send.

They also found that their 2 most socially-active segments, "super fans" and "plugged indies," are willing to spend more money on concert bonuses and intend to take advantage of that by selling extras that "make them feel special" like meet-and-greet passes, skip-the-line-privileges and signed merchandise.

Check out a slideshow of the results of Bandsintown's research below:

I would definitely consider myself a super fan, but not one that has a lot of money to spend. I would caution services like Bandsintown against offering things they think I'll pay for that might penalize me.

Nothing grinds my gears more than paid line-jump privileges, for example. When I've been waiting outside some crusty venue doors for 13 hours, the last thing I want to deal with is someone richer than I who showed up 5 minutes ago marching through said doors before me.

What segment do you fall under? Would you take advantage of Bandsintown Specials?