A Banksy mural painted on a fire door at the Bataclan theater in Paris has been stolen, as reported by The Independent. The artwork, portraying a black-and-white figure wearing a veil, was seen as a tribute to the victims of the November 2015 terror attacks in the French capital, where 90 people were killed at the venue as Eagles Of Death Metal performed.

Reportedly, a group of "hooded individuals" used angle grinders to cut the solemn artwork loose on Friday night, Jan. 25, a source close to the investigation reveals to AFP. The accused then apparently drove away with the mural in a truck.

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"It's a deep sadness that moves us today," the Bataclan tweeted on Saturday, as translated by CNN. "Banksy's work, a symbol of remembrance and belonging to everyone—locals, Parisians, citizens of the world—was taken from us."

The Bataclan mural first popped up last June. And while it can never quite be confirmed that a particular street painting is a bona fide Banksy, the artist did share the Parisian fire door image on their Instagram account last year. See it below:

. Fire door, Bataclan

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Previously, the ever-mysterious Banksy pulled what could possibly be seen as one of the most outlandish and expensive art auction pranks of all time when the artist shredded their own painting at auction immediately following the winning bid.

The piece self-destructed by way of a special paper shredder inserted into the frame—but it only tore about halfway through. A subsequent “Director’s Cut” video showed that the illustration was actually designed by Banksy to fully self-shred.

What do you think about the Banksy Bataclan mural being stolen? Are you a fan of the activist art icon who once extolled the talents of Trent Reznor and Hans Zimmer in a project? Sound off in the comments section with your thoughts.

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