Further Sky EP

So much for the hiatus—the U.K.'s Basement are back with three new songs and a summer vacation of sold-out shows. Those shows made no mention of Further Sky, which let them take everyone by surprise by releasing the jangly single, “Summer's Colour,” on a whim. Sticking with the brilliant alt-rock last heard on Colourmeinkindness, they also drop hints of shoegaze and Britpop. Andrew Fisher's singing stretches across the canvas, not unlike their English elders in Swervedriver. “Jet” is a simpleton rocker, its punch-card riffs and vocal bravado brushing shoulders with the term "cock rock" and then dipping into an airy, secluded chorus like a kid sent to time-out.

Basement end their short stay with a cover of Suede's “Animal Nitrate,” the most sprawling song of the trio, faithful to the original but sure to pass as their own work to fans in the dark. It's a fine fit for the lighthearted moods explored on Further SkyThey've picked right back up as old friends do, only with their instruments. Bring on another album, boys.

Run For Cover

“Summer's Colour”