This month, Bath & Body Works launched its 2020 Halloween collection and it definitely doesn't disappoint.

With various new products to choose from, the collection includes "Vampire Blood" candles, "Ghoul Friend" hand soap and various spooky wallflower plugs.

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This year's Bath & Body Works Halloween collection includes some new spooky favorites. Along with the launch of new items, the company has also brought back some iconic scents with new packaging. The Halloween line includes various scents such as "Vampire Blood," "Ghoul Friend" and "Hot Cocoa & Scream."

According to the website, Vampire Blood is a scent filled with notes of "blood red strawberry, midnight blooming jasmine, dark Transylvanian plum with essential oils." Both a single-wick and 3-wick candle are available in this scent. As well, mini hand sanitizers, foaming hand soaps and wallflower fragrances in Vampire Blood are also for sale.

[Photos via Bath & Body Works]

This year's collection also includes the scent Ghoul Friend. Bath & Body Works describes the scent as "dark strawberries, ghostly peony, spine chilling citrus with essential oils." A 3-wick candle, single wick candle and foaming hand soap are available in this scent with pink packaging.

[Photos via Bath & Body Works]

For those looking for something on the sweeter side, the 2020 Halloween collection also has a Hot Cocoa & Scream 3-wick candle. This scent has notes of deep dark chocolate, fresh steamed milk and "mischievous" mini marshmallows. Just like all of the candles, it is also made with essential oils.

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[Photo via Bath & Body Works]

Bath & Body Works has also launched some new spooky accessories to go along with your favorite products. This year's collection includes a Spooky Chandelier Nightlight which you can pair with your favorite wallflower fragrance. There is also a Crystal Ball Light-Up 3-Wick Candle Magnet to pair with your favorite seasonal candle.

For those looking to add some cute decorations to your home this year, Bath & Body Works has a Glow-In-The-Dark Mummy Pedestal to go with 3-wick candles. There's also a fun Jack-o-Lantern Wallflower Fragrance Plug.

[Photos via Bath & Body Works]

Bath & Body Works' full Halloween collection is available to shop here.

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