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2017 logic: Memes and bath bombs are everywhere, so why not combine them?

Thanks to these new meme-inspired bath bombs, you can almost literally take a bath on the internet. From fidget spinners to the "mocking SpongeBob," your favorite jokes will now follow you into the bathroom.

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The meme-themed bath bombs are the newest addition of Dank Tank, a company that makes meme-themed products.

There are five options of memes to bathe in, and they smell amazing. Send Nudes has a cherry blossom scent, Fidget Spinner is summer berry, SpongeBob-inspired Spongegar has a mahogany coconut fragrance, the green and black Evil Kermit is grapefruit berry and even Trash Dove will make you smell of blueberry citrus all day.

While there isn't a date for new releases, there are plans for other bath bombs, according to Dank Tank.

[Photo by: Danktank/Facebook]

All the bath bombs are made with 100 percent natural ingredients, including coconut oil, arrowroot powder and essence salts. They are also chemical-free, certified organic and vegan, which is always good news, right?

The four options are on pre-sale for $9 each and will ship on Sept. 20 from the Dank Tank website.

You can watch the Holy Meme bath bombs in action below:

Memes aren't your thing? You can try pizza, pumpkin spice, horror, bands, goth, skull, or Harry Potter-inspired bath bombs. (Yes, there are bath bombs for everything!)