Beartooth is auctioning off various rare and exclusive items to raise money for Hope For The Day. Hope For The Day focuses on suicide prevention and mental health education through self-expression platforms to achieve outreach, education and prevention with a message of "It's ok not to be ok, have hope."

The band will be auctioning off the following:

—Two framed, signed vinyl cover layouts (1/2)

—A framed and sign embossing original test pressing of Aggressive

—A signed red splatter Disgusting vinyl 

—Signed Aggressive vinyl

—Assorted merch items

All of the proceeds support HFTD's suicide prevention and mental health education projects. Check out some of the items featured in a video below, and purchase tickets here

"We love Hope For The Day as an organization because they strive to end the stigma that's been associated with mental illness for a long time. They encourage and help people speak up about the problems they face and deal with on a daily basis," says Beartooth guitarist Taylor Lumley. "They've built an amazing community around bringing people from all walks of life together to discuss their problems and seek help not just with each other but also with professional counselors. We love the people that built that organization, and we 100 percent support their message."

Hope For The Day founder Jonny Boucher shares the same love for the band, explaining, "For the past 2 and a half years, Beartooth have been amazing partners in prevention and beyond family to Hope For The Day. We have broken the silence around mental health many times together by speaking on and off the stage about the things we don't say, pressing the conversation about suicide prevention and raising the visibility of resources. When we all first met, it only made sense to come together as a team to put action behind Caleb's lyrics and emotions that pour from Beartooth's music. It's an honor to work with the guys, letting fans know that IT'S OK NOT TO BE OK and we are in this together. Have Hope."

You can check out more information on the auction and HFTD here