We’ve been waiting for a Beetlejuice sequel since Tim Burton confirmed it in December 2014.

Well now, it looks like it might not be happening anytime soon. In fact, it might never make it back to the big screen at all.

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Previously, star Winona Ryder even commented on a sequel, confirming that it was happening despite the limited information available.

The film, which also starred Michael Keaton as the titular character, isn’t getting a sequel after all. USA Today reports that Warner Bros. is no longer developing Beetlejuice 2. 

“The project isn’t in active development,” a studio spokesperson says about the project.

Someone then asked Burton about the project, and he shut it down completely.

“Nothing, nothing. I don’t know. I doubt it [will happen],” he says.

One of the original Beetlejuice screenwriters has been through all of the talks of a sequel for 30 years and has commented on the project as well.

"The bottom line is, Tim Burton and Michael Keaton are not going to think about a 'Beetlejuice' sequel unless it somehow catches the energy of the first film. And that’s not easy," Larry Wilson says. "Beetlejuice really was lightning in a bottle. But there have been discussions since it really shocked everyone in 1988. And in terms of 'Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian,' wiser heads prevailed. Thank God there’s a level of integrity here."

The original Beetlejuice became a huge phenomenon since its debut in 1988. The film follows a recently deceased couple who are ghosts that haunt their former home. An annoying demon named Betelgeuse tries to scare away the new family for good. You can see the original trailer below.

Last December, the film celebrated its 30-year anniversary with a reissue of the soundtrack.

Burton and Keaton recently joined forces yet again on the Dumbo live-action remake, and you can watch a trailer for that below. Dumbo is in theaters now.

Are you upset that the Beetlejuice sequel actually isn’t happening anymore? Sound off in the comments below!

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