Behemoth was in the news in August over a controversy involving frontman Nergal a t-shirt, religion and a YMCA. Now, the black-metal outfit says the incident was all fabricated.

The admission came in an interview over Behemoth's most recent controversy involving Nergal wearing a 'Black Metal Against Antifa' t-shirt and posting about it online.

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The August controversy involved Behemoth's Nergal claiming that he was wearing a Darkthrone t-shirt to a YMCA in order to work out before one of their shows with Slipknot. Nergal says when he arrived, the staff saw his shirt and asked if he believed in Jesus Christ.

“We don’t, because we come from Poland, and we worship Odin. Just different thoughts, you know?” the frontman starts.

After denying they worship Jesus, they were told to leave.

“We have to go to Anytime Fitness now, so hopefully they allow us to work out in Darkthrone shirts. That’s just Norwegian black metal, the most fucking friendly music on earth, and they have issues with that! That’s stupid,” he continues.

Watch Nergal discuss the encounter below.

This leads us to today. In an interview with Kerrang! Nergal references the YMCA controversy and says he made it up when asked about the outrage over the Antifa shirt.

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"First of all, people misinterpret things on the spot.[Nergal begins] "They don't ask questions anymore. It made headlines everywhere. And I like stirring the shit up — that's my nature. I like trolling, and I like provoking people. Remember that story of me being rejected from the YMCA?"

"Orion and I went, but we had to go back to another gym, and I just made up the story that we were rejected because of our beliefs, blah, blah, blah." He continues "Man! It made headlines all over the place. People are being fucking outraged… people saying that I should get beaten, that my opponents would just be happy about that. And I'm just reading all these comments and all these headlines and I'm going, like, 'Why?' No one would bother to ask me if it's true — because it wasn't true — I made up a story.

It was again another occasion that I [realized] how it's easy to manipulate people, how to fool them around and just make whatever you want to do."

Well, take it as you will. Behemoth lied and we were all fooled. Behemoth is heading to Europe in early 2020. Information and tickets are available here.

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