Behemoth are no strangers to controversy, but it usually has to do with their music or onstage presence.

This time though, frontman Adam Nergal Darski got kicked out of a YMCA for wearing a Darkthrone t-shirt and not "worshipping Jesus Christ."

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According to a post on Nergal's Instagram, he attempted to work out before their show in Virginia Beach yesterday (Aug. 14). The vocalist and guitarist posted a video of him explaining the situation and how they were kicked out for religious reasons.

"We don't, because we come from Poland, and we worship Odin. Just different thoughts, you know?" the frontman starts.

After denying they worship Jesus, they were told to leave.

"We have to go to Anytime Fitness now, so hopefully they allow us to work out in Darkthrone shirts. That's just Norwegian black metal, the most fucking friendly music on earth, and they have issues with that! That's stupid," he continues.

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Darkthrone caught wind of the situation and posted their own take on the situation.

"[Nergal] was kicked out of a gym in the states where Behemoth are currently on tour yesterday because he was wearing a Darkthrone shirt and they asked him if he believed in Jesus Christ. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry when I heard about it," the post reads.

What do you think of the Behemoth frontman's latest brush with controversy? Let us know in the comments below.

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