Photographer: Matthew Willcocks

Today, Fearless Records newcomers As It Is released a music video for "Dial Tones" from their debut album Never Happy, Ever After, which is coming out this year. 

The song, vocalist Patty Walters says, is the way the guys dealt with the distance between them and the ones they love.

"During the writing process, the five of us hadn't seen our girlfriends in nearly four months, knowing we'd see them even less this year, it was the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with," Walters said. "The lyrics were mine and Ben's way of dealing with the guilt we both felt, that all five of us felt, making the decision to hurt the person you love most to follow your dream. 'Dial Tones' is a song I have a tremendous amount of pride for.” 

Check out the video below and check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes provided by photographer Matthew Willcocks.