Bella Thorne has been at the center of controversy since joining the paid subscription platform OnlyFans earlier this month.

Now, she is being accused of not only scamming her fans on the platform, but also being the reason behind OnlyFans' new changes in how much, and when, creators get paid.

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Since joining OnlyFans, Thorne has already broken records. In just 24 hours, she earned $1 million from paid subscriptions and has gone on to earn more than $2 million. However, her latest venture has led to some scrutiny.

Earlier this week, Thorne revealed that she joined OnlyFans to research for an upcoming film role. Due to this, sex workers and content creators on the platform believe she is changing the narrative of OnlyFans and is taking away potential customers and profits from them.

Now, Thorne seems to be in hot water again. On Aug. 27, screenshots emerged from Thorne's OnlyFans. According to the screenshot, she sent out three nude photos to subscribers. In order to unlock the photos, however, each subscriber had to pay the hefty price of $200.

However, it turns out that the photos were not nudes of the star, outraging those that paid for the content. As well, others point out that Thorne originally stated that she would not be posting nudes on her OnlyFans. This has all led to fans accusing Thorne of scamming fans out of money and OnlyFans receiving a flood of refund requests for the content.

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"So basically she scammed her subscribers and sent out $200 PPV (a message you have to pay to view) claiming it was a fully nude photo set. It was not."

As well, OnlyFans creators say that the platform has now changed when, and how much, they are paid. Although OnlyFans has not explicitly said the changes are due to Thorne's recent activity, many believe she's to blame. Now, creators cannot receive tips of more than $100 and can only charge a max of $50 for PPV. They must also wait 30 days, instead of seven, for payouts.

"So many people requested refunds that now OnlyFans won't allow us to charge over $50 for PPV OR get tipped over $100. And this morning, we were all told that instead of waiting 7 days for our payouts, we have to wait 30."

There's also a theory going around that the changes on OnlyFans are because the platform is unable to pay Thorne for the money earned. This has led to other creators seeing a change in how they receive their funds.

"The theory is that OF can't afford to pay her her cut so now our funds are being tied up. It's bullshit. She singlehandedly fucked so many sex workers."

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Thorne is set to star in the American Satan spinoff Paradise City alongside Andy Biersack, James CassellsBen Bruce and BooBoo Stewart. As a member of the Relentless, Thorne plays Lily Mayflower. The release date for Paradise City is still pending.

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