Earlier this month, Bella Thorne joined the subscription platform OnlyFans.

Now, sex workers are highlighting the issues surrounding Thorne joining the platform. More specifically, they are addressing the problem of Thorne using OnlyFans to do research for a film.

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Since joining OnlyFans earlier this month, Thorne has already broken records. In just 24 hours, she earned over $1 million dollars, making her the first person to accomplish this feat. As well, in under a week, she has gone on to earn $2 million in paid subscriptions.

Following the news about the record-breaking 24 hours, Thorne revealed the real reason she joined OnlyFans - she's researching a role for a new film. According to the LA Times interview, she is working on a film directed by Sean Baker.

Now, sex workers are highlighting the issues surrounding Thorne joining OnlyFans specifically for film research. In an interview with Rolling Stone, sex worker Ellamourne says Thorne's experience on OnlyFans isn't representative of all content creators on the platform.

“The perspective she’ll gain won’t be representative of what most people experience as content creators on the platform,” Ellamourne says. “I am certain she’ll deal with some of the same issues — fans crossing boundaries, scammers, etc. But at the end of the day, she is a celebrity and wields a large amount of privilege. Unless the intent is to drive the conversation toward decriminalization of sex work, I’ll be disappointed.”

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Another content creator notes the contrast between Thorne's welcoming to OnlyFans and that of rapper Rubi Rose. Rose was shamed for joining the platform that often includes NSFW content that is usually flagged on other platforms including Instagram and Twitter.

“[When Rose joined], everyone screamed ‘scam,'” Savannah Solo says. “But Bella Thorne does it for ‘research’ and she’s a god damn entrepreneur.”

Many content creators worry that Thorne's success will make it seem like OnlyFans is a place to make easy money. As more people potentially join the platform, this spreads out the opportunity and prospective audiences for content creators that have been on OnlyFans for years.

“People think this is easy quick money, blah blah blah. But it ain’t,” sex worker Allie Eve Knox says. “It is full-time communication, full-time original content creation, full time being ‘on.'”

Adult performer Jane Wilde also thinks Thorne's presence on OnlyFans changes the platform's narrative. Sex workers are often shamed for the work they do and some feel society will start to pile on the criticism more than ever before as OnlyFans becomes more mainstream.

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“When people with huge platforms that happen to be [anti-sex work] or huge misogynists start bringing up OnlyFans in regular conversation, it’s an excuse for the rest of society to dog-pile on us [more than] they already did."

Thorne’s OnlyFans subscription is currently set at $20 per month (with a limited-time 20 percent discount for a one-month subscription and 15 percent off if fans purchase three or six-month subscriptions).

In an interview with PAPER Magazine, Thorne revealed part of the reason why she decided to join OnlyFans.

“OnlyFans is the first platform where I can fully control my image; without censorship, without judgment, and without being bullied online for being me."

Thorne is set to star in the American Satan spinoff Paradise City alongside Andy Biersack, James CassellsBen Bruce and BooBoo Stewart. As a member of the Relentless, Thorne plays Lily Mayflower. The release date for Paradise City is still pending.

Watch Bella Thorne as Lily Mayflower in the Paradise City trailer below.

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