2000 paved the way for modern pop-punk, metal and rock music fans enjoy now, such as  All Time Low, Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. The influence of artists such as Marilyn Manson and Sum 41 is still evident in today’s alternative scene, too.

This list may make some fans feel a little old, but that just means they’re music veterans. Here are 20 influential songs turning 20 years old in 2020.

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1. Sum 41 – “Makes No Difference”

“Makes No Difference” served as Sum 41’s first-ever single from their debut EP, Half Hour Of Power, from Island Records. The pop-punk EP set the band up for success with several other albums, including Chuck, Underclass Hero, All Killer No Filler and their most recent album, Order In Decline

2. Bowling For Soup – “The Bitch Song”

Bowling For Soup’s big hit and lead single “The Bitch Song” came from their third record, Let’s Do It For Johnny!! The music video follows the band on a wild ride through prison, and lead vocalist Jaret Reddick has flashbacks about an ex-girlfriend and her abusive antics, hence the title of the song.

3. Green Day – “Minority”

One of the most influential punk groups of all time and recent cover stars Green Day shared their lead single “Minority” from their sixth album, Warning, in 2000. The authority-defying punk track that encourages individualism is coupled with a music video that gives us an idea of what the band would look like if they were a part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. In typical 2000s fashion, the visual features funny, now-outdated CGI of the trio as giant balloons. Many of us would still attend that parade today.

4. Linkin Park – “In The End”

Nü-metal extraordinaires Linkin Park shared “In The End” from their debut album, Hybrid Theory in October of 2000. This track featuring an incredible back and forth with Mike Shinoda topped charts, and their fusion of rock and rap cemented the band’s brand. The opening piano notes remain instantly recognizable today, and the still-popular track carries on the late Chester Bennington’s musical influence. 

5. AFI – “The Days Of The Phoenix”

AFI shared their hit rock single “The Days Of The Phoenix” on their fifth album, The Art Of Drowning. The quartet used to play at a venue in Petaluma, California, called the Phoenix Theater, and the track serves as a nod to their roots and early beginnings as a band. This riff-centric song offers a music video serving tons of goth vibes, with the band donning black bangs, eyeliner and leather pants. Those were the days. 

6. MxPx – “Responsibility” 

MxPx released their hit “Responsibility” on their fifth record, The Ever Passing Moment. In stereotypical punk fashion, the band say “no” to growing up and taking on the perceived roles of adults. The music video hilariously shows them getting rowdy on a golf course and crashing a party they make their own. The track even made its way onto the Drake & Josh soundtrack featuring other artists such as Relient K and Cherry Monroe after “Responsibility” appeared on the episode “Driver’s License.” 

7. The Offspring – “Original Prankster”

The Offspring released their sixth record, Conspiracy Of One, which contained their famous track “Original Prankster.” The music video, of course, follows the tale of a lifelong prankster. Fortunately, there’s a happy ending for everyone but him.

8. NOFX – “Total Bummer”

Los Angeles punk veterans NOFX shared “Total Bummer” from their record Pump Up The Valuum, with this album being just one of 13 they have released throughout the years. The lyrics are fitting for the song’s title as frontman Fat Mike pleads for the sun to go away and claims that life isn’t fair. This is the perfect track to revisit for someone trying to get a little emo and fuel their sad side. 

9. Rancid – “Poison”

Rancid shared their self-titled LP in 2000 featuring an array of popular songs, including “Poison,” which blatantly describes how some people are just toxic. The ska-meets-punk-rock fusion from the group carried through this record and grew into their next albums Indestructible, Let The Dominoes Fall, Honor Is All We Know and their most recent offering from 2017, Trouble Maker

10. New Found Glory – “Hit Or Miss”

For the big New Found Glory fans, yes, “Hit Or Miss” was originally recorded in 1999 for Nothing Gold Can Stay. However, it was rerecorded in 2000 for the band’s self-titled album when they dropped the “A” from their name. The rerecorded track shows a new sense of maturity. The reworked introduction starts with a more prominent guitar lead that resembles night and day when compared to the original, like a demo versus the final product. 

11. No Doubt – “Ex-Girlfriend”

It’s hard to believe that No Doubt shared their hit “Ex-Girlfriend” a whopping two decades ago. The track came from their LP Return Of Saturn, marking their fourth album release, with lead singer Gwen Stefani penning the song for her now ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale from Bush

12. Marilyn Manson – “Disposable Teens”

When rock legend and APMAs 2016 Icon Award recipient Marilyn Manson released “Disposable Teens,” he pulled out all the stops for the track’s music video. He wore a full leather jumpsuit, staged an irreligious riot and even had a chimpanzee. This famous Holy Wood track undoubtedly influenced the course of industrial metal and rock visuals after its release to this day. 

13. Death Cab For Cutie – “The Employment Pages”

Death Cab For Cutie took indie rock to new heights when they released We Have the Facts And We're Voting Yes two decades ago. The LP includes somber, mellow tracks with simple guitar both written and performed by Ben Gibbard, including fan-favorite “The Employment Pages,” which takes its title from the frontman trying to find a job after moving to Seattle in the late ’90s. 

14. The Hives – “Hate To Say I Told You So”

Swedish rockers the Hives made a global effect on the alternative music scene with their record Veni Vidi Vicious featuring hit single “Hate To Say I Told You So.” Its signature driving guitars and urgent vocals cement it as an international rock hit. It doesn’t hurt that the band have a recognizable and high-class wardrobe full of black and white.

15. Deftones – “Digital Bath”

Alternative metal unit Deftones released their record White Pony in 2000 featuring “Digital Bath.” The song has a rather sweet story behind it: Frontman Chino Moreno once stated that the lyrics capture a story about electrocuting a girl in a bathtub. 

16. Radiohead – “Idioteque”

Radiohead have been around for well over 20 years but released their recognizable record Kid A in 2000. Lead vocalist Thom Yorke’s signature haunting vocals detail an eerie story, asking “Who’s in a bunker?” and pleading for “women and children first.” The group stun in their music video where Yorke’s passion steals the show.

17. OutKast – “Ms. Jackson”

OutKast have been genre-bending and blurring the line between hip-hop and rock since the early ’90s. Regardless of whether music fans have followed this duo or not, “Ms. Jackson” from their acclaimed Stankonia still holds up today as a powerful party anthem and an instantly recognizable song from 2000. 

18. Limp Bizkit – “Take A Look Around”

Rap-metal crew Limp Bizkit shared their hit “Take A Look Around” on their third album, Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water. Interestingly, the melody from the song was derived from Mission: Impossible. The band were featured on the soundtrack for Mission: Impossible 2, which explains the spy-themed music video for this track. 

19. Papa Roach – “Last Resort”

By far one of Papa Roach’s most famous singles to date is their Billboard chart-ranking “Last Resort.” The song arrived on their album Infest two decades ago and covered the heavy topic of suicide, offering a raw and unadulterated look into the mind of a person at the brink of self-destruction. Heavy guitar riffs push the importance and tragedy behind the lyrics. 

20. Alkaline Trio – “Maybe I’ll Catch Fire”

Alkaline Trio’s “Maybe I’ll Catch Fire” is the title track of the band’s 2000 album. Maybe I’ll Catch Fire followed Goddamnit and unfortunately didn’t receive as much praise. For any Alkaline Trio fan, they see this as the album before a big change: Original drummer Glenn Porter was replaced with Mike Felumlee, who only stayed on for one record. The track takes listeners on an emotional roller coaster, starting off strong with attention-grabbing guitar, drawing listeners into raw and quiet lyrics and climaxing with a riff paralleling the beginning.