This year has been utter and total chaos, so it’s more than acceptable to wish we were back to the times when Funeral For A Friend were still together. And it's totally fine to wish Jared Leto from Thirty Seconds To Mars was wearing eyeliner instead of being a Hollywood A-lister. Sometimes we just need to relive some of the best 2005 emo songs

Many of rock’s most influential artists burst onto the scene in the early 2000s, and they’re still cranking out hits today, such as Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy

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Do you remember some of the most iconic 2005 anthems? Take our quiz below to see if you’re a pro at recognizing these classic 2005 tracks. 

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The All-American Rejects have found themselves in a similar spot to where they were 15 years ago, minus the “camera phones” and hotel bed bugs.

As guitarist Nickolas Wheeler reflects on the group’s monumental Move Along era, he says it came during a “dark time” after the 2004 election. And as the group return with their latest single, “Me Vs. The World,” the music industry is facing what many consider its darkest period ever

Some of Wheeler’s favorite venues around his home in Nashville and throughout Los Angeles have closed their doors, some permanently. He sees longtime crew members struggling to find work across the country. His band even reconsidered how they celebrated Move Along’s milestone 15th anniversary.

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But “Me Vs. The World” didn’t start as a response to any of this uncertainty. The Rejects wrote it well before shutdown and without the intention of helping the industry itself move along. Still, Wheeler says their timing is just as serendipitous as it was 15 years back.

“Regardless of what position you find yourself in, in this pandemic or whatever, I think everybody has this mentality that this is the worst fucking year ever,” Wheeler says. “And it literally feels like me against the world, regardless of your status or situation.”

The Rejects intend to donate proceeds from the four-minute track to MusiCares, the Recording Academy’s nonprofit, which assists with the health and well-being of those in the industry. And today, the pop-punk icons are exclusively premiering “Me Vs. The World” before it hits streaming services Friday. While you listen, check out our chat with Wheeler on how it came together, how he’s personally celebrating 15 years of Move Along and whether or not the Rejects would be suitable for a future winery performance.

Check out the full interview with AAR’s Nick Wheeler here