Snapchat filters have come a long way from when they first came out, now giving users the ability to conjure up their own from the depths of their imagination. 

The user-created option has expanded the filters library in ways you couldn’t imagine, and people have come up with some creative ideas, including some made for scene kids. 

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From repping our favorite bands to making us look as goth as possible, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best alternative Snapchat filters for you to try out. Maybe it’ll even inspire you to try to make your own sometime. 

The ultimate emo makeover

This filter completes the pretty quintessential emo look, with blacked-out eyeshadow and snake bites. You should save this as your go-to—it’s almost always appropriate to use, and die-hard scene kids at heart will always appreciate it. 

“Goth” blush

This is a more subtle filter that allows your face to shine through, just with some enhancements. It’s pretty to the point: The filter writes the words “Goth” in black font on both of your cheeks like blush.

An on-brand crown 

While there’s no shortage of flower crown filters available all over Snapchat, this one is a little more our speed. It features a black and red headpiece with jet black hair to crown you the king or queen or creepiness, officially. 

My Chemical Romance background 

If you’re an MCR fan, you’ve probably already checked out the variety of filters available, such as mimicking Gerard Way’s makeup. This one features a tiled background of different symbols from the band and should be used on a regular basis. 

A “Level Of Concern” filter by twenty one pilots

twenty one pilots created this neon-filled filter to commemorate their track “Level Of Concern.” The variety of shapes and colors makes it look like you’re having your own personal music festival. 

Skull butterfly blush

This filter is the perfect blend of cute and creepy. Hopping on the butterfly blush trend on the app, this filter features two small butterflies on your face that are actually the pattern of a skull. 

FaceTiming MGK 

Fool your friends into thinking you’re actually on a video call with Machine Gun Kelly with this filter. While it’s not the most realistic-looking FaceTime, it’s still laugh-out-loud hilarious.

Rock hands crown 

This filter puts a different kind of devil horns behind your ears by featuring a crown made out of two rock hand emojis. Even though we can’t put our horns up at concerts right now, at least we can do it on Snapchat. 

“Which Rock Band Are You?” quiz

This little Snapchat quiz selects a classic-rock band, such as Queen, to fit your face. It’s a great way to kill some time and figure out what vibe your look gives off according to the arbitrary quiz. 

An Awsten Knight ultimate fan filter 

This Waterparks fan created a filter that’s basically a virtual shrine to Awsten Knight. It features a full-on tiled background with photos of Knight and puts a crown of black hearts on your head, so it’s pretty adorable.