Is there anybody who's not on TikTok? (OK, maybe you know some people in government who aren't.) But before you go raving about how great that platform is, we'd like to pause and discuss Vine. Remember that social media portal? You had six seconds to film yourself in the most entertaining way and send it out into the world. There were plenty of artists on Vine and their posts were awesome. This APTV video reminisces all about it.

Vine was definitely a novelty that fed into our attention deficit lifestyles quite nicely. But we're not throwing shade. There were thousands of great moments captured by artists on Vine. There was one dude from Cleveland who got on the planet's radar simply by being whimsical and weird on the platform.  Vine was fun, easy and suddenly made the world a lot smaller. Because having both connections and big laughs never go out of style.

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Just like the music these people make, the content of their Vines were similarly diverse. Some of them plied their dad jokes and came off rather wholesome. Others propped up their inner-band bromances. Many of them got all warm and fuzzy when it came to animals. One of the artists on Vine featured here often said nothing, but had an exemplary skill making goofy faces.

Sadly nothing gold can stay and the Vine platform was over by 2016. Given the lead time for its demise, some fans sprung into action. Now some of these musicians on Vine have had their archives spread in various corners of the internet. Sure, the aforementioned TikTok is fine for random moments. But those initial micro-blasts on Vine were the ultimate reward for fans craving both inspiration and insanity. Maybe we should load some Vine clips on an old iPod for the greatest act of digital extinction.