At the end of April, Christofer Drew announced he’d be returning to music with a new solo album called Unborn Spark, set to drop May 13. However, the former Never Shout Never vocalist underwent a change of plans and had to push the release date back. 

While we’re sad we have to wait, Drew has definitely given us plenty of music over the years to hold us over. He’s had a long road in the music business, with most of his time spent with NSN. 

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In 2016, Never Shout Never released the Advent Of Violett Soul EP. Following this, NSN teased a new track from their forthcoming Emerald Sun album in the summer of 2018. However, the full LP never made its way onto streaming services. Shortly after this, Drew announced that the band were finished, and he had plans to possibly venture into the world of EDM music.

With Never Shout Never, Drew released more than a dozen records, ranging from full-lengths to EPs. He’s also dabbled with a few solo acoustic releases as well as dropping two albums with his experimental hardcore band EATMEWHILEIMHOT!

Needless to say, the musician has had quite the transformation over his career, and we can’t wait to hear the first new music from him in quite a few years. In the meantime, we rounded up 10 songs that prove Drew can sing anything to get you even more hyped about the upcoming release. Check those out below. 

1. Never Shout Never – “Trouble” 

This iconic track was definitely featured on all of our Myspace pages back in the day. It’s hard to believe it’s been over a decade since this acoustic song dropped, and it’s been semi-permanently stuck in our heads ever since. Aside from Drew’s beautifully soothing vocals, this song also made us want to go out and buy a ukulele. 

2. EATMEWHILEIMHOT! – “All My Friends”

This project was a totally switch-up for Drew, but he adapted seamlessly. This song in particular has a pop-punk sound that totally works with Drew’s vocals. While it’s different from many of NSN’s biggest hits, you can still tell it’s Drew singing with his signature sound. 

3. Never Shout Never – “What Is Love?”

Drew shows off his soulful side in this song, which is like the polar opposite of “Trouble.” He almost sounds like he’s pleading when he sings the lyrics and evokes a lot of emotion. 

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4. Christofer Drew – “Mister Funny Man”

Drew’s solo acoustic tracks truly make his voice the star of the show. He’s capable of singing in the softest, most gentle way possible while still nailing every note and being heard. It’s the definition of a lullaby, and this song is a perfect example of that. 

5. Never Shout Never – “sweet perfection”

Drew almost has a country vibe when he sings this happy-go-lucky song, which might be amplified by the fact that he’s playing the banjo and wearing a straw hat in the album art. Either way, it was a new style for him when this dropped that we absolutely loved.

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6. Christofer Drew – “Livin’ The Dream”

This track could pass for a modern-day folk tune, and it still lets Drew’s voice take center stage. It sounds like a song you’d expect to hear someone play around the fire at a party, which we could definitely see Drew doing. 

7. EATMEWHILEIMHOT! – “When In Rome”

This song is hardcore. If you ever played this for someone who’s only heard Drew in Never Shout Never, they’d probably be hard-pressed to believe it’s the same vocalist. Regardless, Drew totally nails it—even the screaming, which was previously pretty out of character for him. 

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8. Never Shout Never – “Time Travel”

This one sounds like it was inspired by a band such as Thirty Seconds To Mars and adds some electronic elements that shifted the band. Drew’s vocals followed suit with the sound change, and he fits in seamlessly as if he’s been singing songs like this all along. 

9. Never Shout Never – “Hey! We OK”

This song was meant to be played in the summer, and it implores you to shout along every word while listening to it. It has a pop-punk vibe but still has the upbeat melody that the band are best known for. 


Again, we have Drew going to the dark side and proving he’s totally capable of fronting a screamo band. Honestly, if you play this and “Trouble” back to back, it’s almost comical how totally different they are, but he nails the vocals on both.