Sometimes you just get in a really bad mood, and nothing seems to be able to help you with it. Some may recommend listening to some soft music to calm your nerves. But embracing anger can do wonders, and there’s nothing better than gnarly deathcore breakdowns to help you out.

Here are some of the best deathcore songs to jam out to when you’re in an angry mood

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1. Whitechapel – “Breeding Violence”

Whitechapel are one of the reigning kings of deathcore. Even though their sound has shifted a lot over the years, “Breeding Violence” is straight anger-fueled aggression. The song’s no-nonsense beatdown riffs are the perfect backing track to let out your frustrations.

2. Suicide Silence – “No Pity For A Coward”

Is there a better lyric to let out your pent-up anger than “pull the trigger bitch”? Early Suicide Silence were all about crushing breakdowns and pissed-off lyricism built for a bad day. If “No Pity For A Coward” doesn’t help you get in a better mood, nothing will.

3. Despised Icon – “All For Nothing”

Montreal deathcore vets Despised Icon called it a day back in 2010 before sporadically reuniting for one-off shows and their comeback record, Beast, but their pre-retirement material is pure hate material. “All For Nothing” brings a message of seeing through someone’s lies and finally giving up on them to bring yourself back to normal.

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4. Thy Art Is Murder – “The Purest Strain Of Hate”

The song title should say it all, but Thy Art Is Murder’s “The Purest Strain Of Hate” is an exemplary song to fuel your hate. The track’s meaty riffs and hate-filled lyrics are built for a pissed-off day of isolation and anger.

5. Oceano – “District Of Misery”

Sometimes you just need some dumbed down breakdowns and gurgling vocals to get over whatever is causing you to be mad, and Oceano’s “District Of Misery” will do just that. The song’s no-nonsense riffs and unsympathetic lyrics are sure to get you fired up.

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6. I Declare War – “Misery Cloud”

Beatdown riffs are in abundance on I Declare War’s “Misery Cloud,” and that’s exactly what you need when you’re pissed. The song’s chant of “kill, kill, kill” couldn't be more appropriate for how we feel sometimes, though it’s always better to jam out to some songs than carry out their messages.

7. All Shall Perish – “Stabbing To Purge Dissimulation”

Betrayal, lies and deceit are all covered in All Shall Perish’s “Stabbing To Purge Dissimulation,” so if you’re struggling with these issues, look no further. This song’s blasting riffs and groove-influenced breakdowns are prime hate material for those really bad days.

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8. Infant Annihilator – “Decapitation Fornication”

Sure, Infant Annihilator are a bit tongue in cheek about their entire band, but their blasting riffs and shredding technicality will match your bad mood perfectly. No one should be inciting violence against another person, but “Decapitation Fornication” draws in that mood with lines such as “I'm obsessively stabbing you” that will make it so you don’t feel the need to, well, stab someone.

9. Job For A Cowboy – “Knee Deep”

While they only remained a deathcore band for a brief period of time, Job For A Cowboy’s first EP is a hate-fueled session of brutality. “Knee Deep” will draw out all of those hateful emotions and channel them into the song’s squealing riffs and slapping breakdowns.

10. Chelsea Grin – “Recreant”

Have you ever been stabbed in the back by someone you trusted and just need something to put all of those confusing feelings toward? Chelsea Grin have definitely felt that way, as their song “Recreant” draws into all of the words you want to say to that person backed by a hefty dose of drop-tuned breakdowns.