dominic fike
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10 Dominic Fike collabs that prove he can make music in any genre

Dominic Fike is a powerhouse in music, combining elements of electro-pop, SoundCloud rap and grimy rock that make a sound all his own. And it’s a sound that many other artists want a piece of. 

Fike got his start on SoundCloud and has amassed a huge fanbase, including BROCKHAMPTON, the Kardashians, Paul McCartney and more. 

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And as he’s gotten bigger, so have his collaborations. Fike has teamed up with artists big and small across genres, including Halsey, Remi Wolf and even the former Beatles member himself. 

We decided to round up 10 must-listen collabs featuring Fike that not only solidify his place as one of current music’s most sought-after collabs but also prove he has a lot more to show us.

“The Kiss Of Venus” with Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney is gearing up to release a reimagined version of his 2020 album, McCartney III, and decided to ask some powerhouse musicians to join him. In the first single from the record, Fike accompanies McCartney in both the song and video for “The Kiss Of Venus,” transforming it from a smooth acoustic ballad to the ultimate R&B pop hit.

“Dominic’s Interlude” with Halsey

Fike has his very own dreamy interlude on Halsey‘s latest full-length, Manic. The two even teamed up to make a whimsical video for “Dominic’s Interlude,” which was a perfect fit for the track. 

“Phone Numbers” with Kenny Beats

Producer Kenny Beats has worked with dozens of artists, particularly rappers, including Rico Nasty, Vince Staples and Freddie Gibbs. In fact, he’s been one of Fike’s most frequent collaborators. In the soothing electro-pop melody “Phone Numbers,” the feel-good song is actually about an annoyance—someone ignoring your phone calls. 

“terms” with Denzel Curry and slowthai

Fike joins rappers Denzel Curry and slowthai for the introspective, honest track “terms.” The song is all about dealing with fame, the good and the bad, and the three artists combine their differing styles to deliver a cohesive message.

“Photo ID” with Remi Wolf

If you’re looking for a groovy, high-energy track reminiscent of Paramore’s After Laughter, look no further than this collaboration. Fike joins Remi Wolf for a funky pop song with a hip-hop spin. 

“Hit Me Up” with Kenny Beats and Omar Apollo 

Kenny Beats and Fike join forces again, this time with Omar Apollo, for the soul-heavy “Hit Me Up.” The track is all about the ins and outs of relationships and features a prominent bassline that draws you in and pulls you along throughout the song. 

“Stop Selling Her Drugs” with Bakar

“Stop Selling Her Drugs” with Bakar and Fike is like a masterclass in smooth transitions. The low-key track has a steady groove, thanks to dreamy guitar riffs and soft drums that totally mellow you out while listening. 

“Peach” with Kevin Abstract, bearface and Joba

Fike joins frequent collaborator Kevin Abstract on this sugary-sweet love song made for putting the moves on someone. The lyrics are a walk down memory lane, and the smooth guitar is what’s leading you down the path. 

“Late Pass” with SLYTE

Fike made his mark on SLYTE’s Book Of Water in two tracks, including the steady verse in “Late Pass,” which sounds like a stream of consciousness. The song is gritty, complicated and moves with a rhythm of its own, much like “Los Globos Freestyle / New To This,” which also featured Fike.

“No. 27” with Dylan Gore, Brendan Bennett and Ben Chandler

This collaboration between these four musicians is everything we love about SoundCloud rap. It’s dramatic, has a steady beat and features dozens of relatable verses about love and relationships.

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