The Best Goth Clothing Brands and Emo Shops Out There

It can be hard to find a store that lives up to your dark and spooky personality. To remedy this, we’ve rounded up the best emo and goth boutiques from online to brick-and-mortar stores.

Ranging from apparel, jewelry, footwear, home goods and even food, you can live your alternative lifestyle in every facet of your day to day. Head below for 10 emo online stores and goth clothing brands that provide an array of on-brand items.

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1. Void Clothing


With a storefront in Nottingham, U.K. and the option to ship worldwide, Void Clothing proves to be a one-stop shop for everything and anything goth. Offering alternative-brands such as Poizen Industries and Darkside, their online store includes footwear, size-inclusive clothing and accessories for men, women and children. And if you’re ever searching for a gift for a fellow goth friend, Void Clothing is stocked with witchy incense, tarot cards and rune stones at an affordable price.

2. Die With Your Boots On


Do you celebrate Halloween year round? Then Die With Your Boots On is the store for you. Besides selling Creepers, cardigans and bags featuring jack-o'-lantern faces, the store offers some spooky pins, handmade dresses and skirts and tombstone necklaces. They have a physical location in Salem, Massachusetts, and ship worldwide.

3. Vegan Treats, Inc.

Your alternative lifestyle doesn’t have to stop at what you wear, read and listen to. Vegan Treats, Inc. bakes some pretty dark cakes, along with ginger “dead” skeleton cookies and skull- and appendage-shaped chocolates. You can order their vegan desserts online or visit their bakery location in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

4. VampireFreaks Store


On top of having many goth-centric sartorial options, VampireFreaks Store also has several dark household items. From skeletal oven mitts, coffin-shaped curio shelves, pagan blankets and even art, you should have no problem decorating your house or dorm. They have a brick-and-mortar location in Bergenfield, New Jersey, and offer worldwide shipping.

5. Punk Rave Australia


Based Down Under and shipping worldwide, Punk Rave Australia sells higher-end gothic clothing for men and women. If you’re looking to splurge on gothic outerwear for the upcoming colder months, then you definitely want to check out this shop. The goth clothing store also offer harnesses, lace gloves and a multitude of steampunk accessories.

6. Black Mast

This San Francisco-based emo clothing brand caters to those who want to embrace their emoness in every scenario. Traveling to the tropics? Black Mast sells goth swim trunks and bikinis via their Tropigoth collection. The shop also sells goth holiday sweaters and LGBTQ+ clothing suited for Pride month. They also offer worldwide shipping via their Etsy shop.

7. Petals & Poison


If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry and accessories, Petals & Poison definitely has that and much more. Candle holders made into rings? Check. Reflecting glass crystal mirrors with Swarovski stone handles? Check. While the prices are set high, the store offers payment plans and ships worldwide.

8. Dark Interiors

Existing as a shop over Instagram, Dark Interiors offers rare antiques, steampunk oddities and artifacts perfect for decorating your sacred space. From human skulls and teeth to first-edition books and vintage photographs, Dark Interiors sells items that will upgrade your decor game. Purchases can be made by DMing the store.

9. CreativeCinderella

CreativeCinderella is certainly not for those with arachnophobia. The online store is packed with items featuring spider webs. From necklaces to side tables to mirrors and coffin-shaped coffee trays, CreativeCinderella can add extra spook to your life, whether it be your closet or home. The store offers shipping worldwide..

10. Demonia

With shoes that range from beyond the ordinary to truly gothic, Demonia sells mid-priced footwear that’s anything but lacking in style. Platform combat boots, gothic Mary Janes and an assortment of Creepers are just a few of the many styles offered at the shop. Demonia offers worldwide shipping.

Where Do Emos Get Their Fashion? Where Do Goths Shop?

Which emo and goth boutiques do you shop at? Have your own favorite online counter-culture shop that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.