Even as the world has started to reopen after the coronavirus pandemic put things on pause, people are still wearing masks when out and about to keep themselves and others safe from the virus. 

Masks are an easy way to show your cautiousness, and with so many designs to choose from, you can have masks to match any outfit. 

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To keep your accessories as on-brand as possible, we rounded up 10 punk rock face masks you can purchase online right now—some released directly by bands, and others handmade and sold by fans on Etsy. You can check those out below. 

Pink spikes – $24.99

face mask

[Photo via BlazzingStarz/Etsy][/caption] 

This face mask is for someone who doesn’t have the word “subtle” in their vocabulary. It’s a head-turning piece, and it’s also washable, so you can stunt on everyone every time you need to run to the grocery store. 

“I’m not down with the sickness” – $18


[Photo via AbstractDawn/Etsy][/caption] 

This mask is a hilarious option for any fan of Disturbed. You’ll definitely get some laughs when you wear this out in public. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas mask – $4

face mask

[Photo via SewDarklyUnique/Etsy][/caption] 

If you’re a diehard fan of the iconic Tim Burton movie, you need one of these low-price masks. The seller offers a few variations based on The Nightmare Before Christmas, as well as some inspired by Lilo & Stitch, The Avengers and more. 

Guitars print – $15


[Photo via GoldenCrawfish/Etsy][/caption] 

If you’re a musician, you need to get this mask adorned with adorable doodles of guitars. It’s an easy way to be stylish and show off your interests at the same time. 

My Chemical Romance masks – $14.99

mcr mask

[Photo via mychemicalromance.com][/caption] 

My Chemical Romance are selling masks with fangs on them that were meant to protect people at desert shows but are now better served as merch to protect people from COVID-19. The band revealed the masks were their late friend and manager Lauren Valencia’s idea, who passed away prior to the pandemic. With MCR’s next return shows pushed to 2021, they’re currently donating all proceeds to their crew.

Dancing skeletons – $11

skeleton mask

[Photo via JellipeaDesigns/Etsy][/caption] 

Show off your love of Halloween year-round with this mask featuring a print of skeletons getting groovy. It’s a perfect way to stay safe and on-brand. 

Biohazard mask – $10

biohazard mask

[Photo via AltMainstream/Etsy][/caption] 

Remember back in the day when people would wear biohazard-print beanies and pajama pants? Well, in 2020, the trend is coming back, this time with face masks.

Spiderweb masks – $15.99

spider masks

[Photo via MyCreativeCommodity/Etsy][/caption] 

Show off your creepy side with these three spider-themed face masks that will sure to have people crawling in their skin as you walk by them. 

Haunted Mansion mask – $15

haunted mansion mask

[Photo via HandmadeBySaraR/Etsy][/caption] 

If you’re a Halloween lover and can’t get enough of Disney’s The Haunted Mansion, you need this mask featuring the ghostly bust heads. However, they will probably haunt you as you complete your daily errands around town. 

Goth lacy mask – $14

lace mask

[Photo via darayacrafts/Etsy][/caption] 

This mask looks like holographic glitter snakeskin, and it’s more of a fashion accessory than a health one. While it comes in several colors, the black one matches our cold, dead hearts.