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10 fake songs from TV and movies that should actually be on your playlist

Sometimes a song featured in a TV show or movie goes so hard, we forget that it’s not performed by an actual band.

There have been a few times where fictional artists are incorporated into various programs, from animated Nickelodeon shows to ’80s movies. While these songs might not be from actual bands with labels and recording contracts, the actors who perform them might want to consider a side career.

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We decided to look back at 10 of the best fake songs from movies and TV shows to remind you of some of the forgotten gold in Disney movies, 2000s classics and more.

“Scotty Doesn’t Know” from EuroTrip

It’s hard to believe that this isn’t an angsty breakup anthem from a legendary Warped Tour act, but “Scotty Doesn’t Know” was a punk-rock track written just for 2004’s EuroTrip. It’s performed by a band called Lustra, which is fronted by a bald-headed Matt Damon. As far as we’re concerned, it’s a true cinematic masterpiece.

“Take Me Away” from Freaky Friday

Pink Slip’s rendition of “Take Me Away” at the House of Blues is every high school punk band’s dream come true. The song goes hard, the bass is catchy and it’s filled with attitude. There’s not much more we can ask for.

“What Dreams Are Made Of” from The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Every Lizzie McGuire fan has belted out this track performed by Hilary Duff and her Italian alter ego. It’s a catchy pop hit about following your dreams and making it big. Honestly, it’d likely be a real-life radio hit back in the 2000s.

“A Little Bit Alexis” from Schitt’s Creek

Alexis Rose from Schitt’s Creek made a self-love jam with “A Little Bit Alexis.” While the performance on the show was a rough run-through, luckily there’s a hilarious music video on YouTube that shows the song in full glory.

“Teenage Suicide (Don’t Do It)” from Heathers

If you’ve never seen the ’80s movie Heathers, it’s a dark comedy starring Winona Ryder surrounding a high school clique of girls named Heather. Someone starts murdering kids at the high school and framing them as suicides. This prompts the fictional band Big Fun to make an informative song about suicide prevention. It’s a quirky track that adds to the film. But it probably wouldn’t be a Top 40 track in the real world.

“My Shiny Teeth And Me” from Fairly Odd Parents

Chip Skylark from Fairly Odd Parents was like a blueprint for a boy band artist (he’s even voiced by *NSYNC‘s Chris Kirkpatrick). His song “My Shiny Teeth And Me” is so catchy that it makes you want to get on your feet and brush your teeth.

“Supernova Girl” from Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century

Disney Channel’s Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century is an underrated gem. Zenon has school space girl vibes down pat, and “Supernova Girl” is the perfect 2000s track to go along with the film.

“Pretend To Be Nice” from Josie And The Pussycats

Josie And The Pussycats is full of pop songs that are professional quality, but “Pretend To Be Nice” is arguably the best. Aside from being catchy and full of swing, the scene from the film is full of throwback girl group costumes that we can’t get enough of.

“Just You” from Twin Peaks

This haunting song from Twin Peaks featuring James Hurley, Maddy Ferguson and Donna Hayward perfectly fits the dark, surreal aesthetic of the show. It’s like an unsettling lullaby that gives off shoegaze vibes.

“Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” from 30 Rock

Who could forget Tracy Jordan’s ridiculous song “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” from 30 Rock? It’s a low-budget take on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” that’s 10 times more hilarious, thanks to not only the lyrics but also the werewolf costumes.