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11 must-watch goth teen TV shows

In almost every kindergarten, you can count on there being at least one Wednesday Addams in the class who tends to be busy sitting at the back of the class, befriending insects on the playground, and fantasizing about the supernatural. Growing up an alternative kid is no easy feat, and then when you add the hormonal rollercoaster that is teenhood — you’re in even murkier waters. Thankfully, there are shows like Netflix’s hit Wednesday, that makes today’s goth kids feel seen and appreciated.

If you’re looking to hit play on a show that’s just as goth as it is bingeable, AltPress has you covered. We’re rounding up a handful of other goth shows, from classics to recent hits that are worth watching and all about championing generations of misfits and weirdos.

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The Best Goth Teen TV Shows