Mondays tend to induce the feeling where getting out of bed is the only successful thing you can do, but even that seems doubtful. Don’t worry: You’re not alone. As die-hard fans of heavy songs, we know all too well how powerful it can be. There’s something about breakdowns, blast beats and demonic growls that allow us to drop our guard like no other music can. It can change your mood almost by force, and that’s one of the main reasons why we listen to it. But there’s also a lot of positive messages hidden within the distorted drama of this music, smashing our walls with the intention of lifting us up from under the rubble.

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We’ve picked some of the heaviest jams with uplifting messages to give you the positivity boost you may need.

1. Bury Your Dead – “The Color Of Money”

“We all make mistakes in life”
On the surface, Bury Your Dead’s “The Color Of Money” is a raw story of abandonment. No doubt an overwhelming percentage of readers felt something just reading that word. That said, there’s a universality to the message that transcends any individual story: We all make mistakes in life, and it doesn’t define us. The song is structured to give as much punch to those words as possible. “The Color Of Money” is a much-needed reminder to be kind to yourself even if you’ve messed up or made bad choices.

2. Northlane – “Bloodline”

“I was raised in hell/I made it out by myself”
Bloodline” is the lead single from Northlane’s forthcoming record, Alien. It’s a gripping roller coaster ride through the imagination of vocalist Marcus Bridge who recounts moments from his traumatic childhood. The story might have specifics that don’t apply to everyone, but the song’s hook speaks to anyone who struggled in their youth and are still struggling as a result.

3. Winds Of Plague — “Refined In The Fire”

“I fear no evil, evil fucking fears me”
In our darkest moments, it’s natural to want to be angry at someone or something even if there’s no one or nothing to direct it toward. Winds Of Plague’s “Refined In The Fire” poses an interesting concept—external things aren’t the problem. The problem exists in our minds, so why not give a resounding “fuck off” to the thoughts?

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4. Killswitch Engage – “Rose Of Sharyn”

“You never left me/The rising sun/Will always speak your name”
Killswitch Engage’sRose Of Sharyn” is a story of loss. Loss is something universal people always struggle with whether it’s through death or drifting apart from someone. While acceptance is an important stage in grieving, it’s also important to remain positive.

5. I Prevail – “Scars”

“When life’s at its coldest/Don’t fall too far from who you are”
I Prevail are masters of positive messages, and we needn’t look any further than their mega-hit “Scars” to see this. The song carries the theme of being true to yourself, which isn’t easy in a world that seems to want you to be anything but. At our lowest moments, we can be swept away with notions of abandoning who we are to be someone better or different or someone everyone likes. But “Scars” reminds us not to fall too far into that rabbit hole and never lose sight of who we are.

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6. Close Your Eyes – “Song For The Broken”

“This is where I lift my hands and say enough is enough”
This Close Your Eyes track is nothing short of an anthem for people who are simply fed up. Recognizing when “enough is enough” is a key part of this song and a valuable life lesson. “Enough is enough” can have many meanings, but in the context of bad thoughts, it’s a fantastic mantra to get you out of bed.

7. The Ghost Inside – “Engine 45”

“The time has come for you to start things over/Hold on, full speed ahead”
The Ghost Inside are an unparalleled example of hope, and “Engine 45” ponders the notion of the role momentum plays in healing. As long as you keep moving, there’s always hope that things will get better. Of course, the first step in any forward motion is accepting that it’s time to move on. Step two is going full speed ahead and not looking back.

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8. August Burns Red – “Composure”

“Pull it together”
This August Burns Red line is a short, sweet life lesson you can put in your pocket and carry around with you all day. “Pull it together” is something you can say to yourself over and over again. It means get your shit together, sort out your head, quit existing between frayed stands of bad thoughts and memories. Just pull it all together.

9. Texas In July – “1000 Lies”

“Finally, I’ve become the person I’ve wanted to be.”
1000 Lies” from Texas In July is about the light at the end of the tunnel. The song is a glimpse of the “other side” where one can feel what it’s like to have “pulled it together.” “1000 Lies” addresses the finishing point of healing from heavy moments. You breach the dark thoughts, take a deep, rewarding breath and welcome the new, happier and balanced version of yourself.

10. Hellions – “Thresher”

“Fuck you for not being strong enough/For letting me bear the weight of both of us”
Before we call ourselves crazy, it’s important to take a look at the people we surround ourselves with. Energy vampires—people who take but never give—are a real threat to mental well-being. While it’s entirely likely some of our problems are our own fault, it’s also possible that people you care about are tearing you down. Hellions’ “Thresher” is a shining example of that and provides the perfect response to say to the people in our lives who take from us and leave very little.