It's an old joke that's worth repeating. How many lead singers does it take to change a lightbulb? The answer is zero: Vocalists hold the light bulb and the world turns around them. The 10 instrumental bands featured in this APTV video don't get the joke. And for good reason. Sometimes singers just get in the way.

If you've ever seen these 10 instrumental bands onstage, you know what we're talking about. Rhythmic meters that are downright algebraic. Guitarists that sound like they had three extra fingers grafted onto each hand. Bassists that are positively calisthenic holding down the low end. These bands are taking you to new sonic vistas and places you may never have dreamed of. Why would these players want to screw their universes up with growlers, whiners and/or failed lyricists?

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From mutated strains of metal to fractured funk, this list has something for everyone who see best through their ears. Of course, these instrumental bands are highly technical but never at the expense of feeling. If you looking for shred-master generals or guys who play like exploding modems, they're here. We also show props to a massive veteran ensemble from Canada whose power is completely unparalleled.

Honestly, we don't have anything against singers. We're down with anybody who feels like changing things up for whatever reason. Besides, without singers, there's more room in the van. (It's a major drag no band has a reason to get into one this year.) But that's OK, too. You might walk away from this video with 10 new obsessions for your personal devices. Maybe you'll seek out some records or CDs featuring these amazing talents. They double-down on the rock so hard, we promise you won't miss the lyric sheets one bit.