Everyone loves to jam out to their favorite artists and classic hits, but let’s not forget about all the fresh talent constantly popping up around the world. From pop and indie to punk and post-hardcore, there’s always a new name in music waiting to be heard. 

We know there’s a lot of new songs to sift through, so we’re here to help. Each month, we’re gathering the best new releases within the past four weeks from artists you may not know and are putting them all in one place. Check out what music you might have missed in August below and follow the AltPress Discover playlist on Spotify to stay up to date on new music. Who knows? You just may find your next favorite band. 

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august brodie – “killing me”

For fans of: Jutes, Jordan Solomon, 12AM

Blending pop-punk riffs with hip-hop vibes, august brodie’s “killing me” resonates with teen angst and uncertainty. Danceable beats make way for intimate lyrics describing the complexities of brodie’s emotions when the singer feels like he doesn’t know what he’s doing. “I think so many people act like they have it figured all out,” he says. “There's an uncertainty in there somewhere that maybe this isn't the right path, whether that is in your love life or life's path in general.” “killing me” is the sixth release for brodie this year. He’s currently working on his debut project.

Baby Queen – “Medicine”

For fans of: Nasty Cherry, BLOXX, the Magic Gang

Sharing her experience with depression and medication, Baby Queen (Bella Latham) drops a new anthem with “Medicine.” Clinks from pills and medicine bottles decorate the track between synths and harmonies driving the meaning of the lyrics home. "It's about a tangle of mental health and navigating your way through this world…and the different ways people might numb themselves or try to find a place where they can exist in among all of this fucking chaos,” Latham shares. The singer’s debut EP is due out later this year. 

Betcha – “Closer To The Sun”

For fans of: DREAMERS, TWIN XL, Super Whatevr

Alt-rock’s Betcha share a high-energy dance track with the colorful new “Closer To The Sun.” As the follow-up to “July,” the track is the perfect summer groove with lighthearted rhythms and shimmering riffs. Captivating hooks, a catchy chorus driven by a steady keyboard make easy to get carried away in the bright ambiance.

Boundaries – “Carve”

For fans of: The Acacia Strain, Currents, Knocked Loose

Their first release since the My Body In Bloom EP from February 2019, Boundaries tear into “Carve” with harsh screams and ripping guitar riffs. Detailing the feelings of what it’s like to fill an empty space in your soul, the track is charged with raging drums and a fiery bass paired with raw lyrics. The four-piece drop their debut LP, Your Receding Warmth, Nov. 13 via Unbeaten Records


For fans of: Green Day, Bad Religion, Sum 41

With their sophomore single, BOYSCLUB reflect on addiction and how some use it as a way to cope with their self-image in “LOVESICK.” The Australian punk quartet employ heavy riffs and quick tempos, with sharp vocals and sweet harmonies drizzled between choruses. Its accompanying imagery touches on how drug use makes someone feel and gives a surreal approach to an otherwise touchy subject. The track is included on an upcoming seven-inch vinyl alongside their previous single “She, The Atrocity,” which is available to preorder here

Careful Gaze – “When I Leave”

For fans of: Hot Mulligan, Circa Survive, Icarus The Owl

Careful Gaze share a thoughtful concept piece backed by resonating riffs in “When I Leave.” The song begins with vocalist/bassist Gabe Reasoner singing softly, following a gradual crescendo before reaching a tight bridge charged with piercing screams. The track is paired with its own short novel, which tells the story of “a young adult living in a dark and corrupt small town where people live to blend in and forget.” The book is the first installment of a series of stories and is available to purchase here.

Carlie Hanson – “Good Enough”

For fans of: Hey Violet, Lauren Sanderson, bülow

Carlie Hanson opens up about the “darkest periods” of her life in the deeply personal Good Enough.” Inspired by the singer’s struggles with relationships, depression and anxiety, “Good Enough” is as relatable as it is memorable. Produced by Mitch Allan and Anthony Jones, the track features upbeat synths and beats despite its raw lyrics, reminding us that it’s all right to feel lost sometimes.  

CHIKA – “U Should”

For fans of: Ari Lennox, Mereba, Noname

Rising rapper CHIKA drops the perfect summer relaxation track with U Should.” The song starts with laid-back guitar pickings before the rapper comes in with a soothing melody, quickly transitioning to a fast-paced verse. CHIKA changes from singing to rapping with ease, creating a track that makes the listener feel like they are on the most chill roller coaster floating through the clouds.

Cold Years – “Life With A View”

For fans of: Nothington, Sam Russo, Nathan Gray

Scottish punk rockers Cold Years aim to enjoy life and not let the world’s troubles weigh them down with “Life With A View.” The four-piece boast a driving beat and raw, gritty vocals from lead singer Ross Gordon. A deep bass guitar resonates in the background as lively riffs ring through echoing cymbal hits. The track will be included on the band’s debut album, Paradise, which drops Sept. 4 via Inside Job/eOne.

Eastwood – “False Start” (feat. Nathan Hardy)

For fans of: Fiddlehead, Absence Of Mine, Muted Color

Cole Crutchfield’s (Knocked Loose) latest indie side project Eastwood shared two new singles, including the easygoing “False Start.” The track features Microwave’s Nathan Hardy and includes feel-good riffs and echoing vocals. The song, along with partner release “Two Story Window,” will be included on their upcoming album, It Never Gets Easy, which drops Sept. 18 via Pure Noise Records. Crutchfield says it will be a drastic change from what Knocked Loose fans would expect, but it’s one he welcomes. "I think that people might be caught off guard by this album, and I hope they are,” he says. “I want to smash that cliché that if you're into death metal or hardcore, you can't play or listen to other kinds of music."

Execution Day – “Lost At Sea (Castaway)”

For fans of: We Came As Romans, Outline In Color, I Prevail

Taking contemporary metalcore and combining it with slick choruses and heavy breakdowns, Execution Day unleash emotional honesty in “Lost At Sea (Castaway).” Tight hooks and captivating screams complement intricate guitar riffs and punishing drum hits. The track is included on the quartet’s latest EP, Illusions, which features Ice Nine Kills’ Justin deBlieck on “Anti-Venom.” 

Fame On Fire – “Scars Of Love”

For fans of: Picturesque, I Prevail, Palisades

Fame On Fire trade in hard-rock riffs and thundering vocals for an acoustic guitar on their latest single, “Scars Of Love.” A reflection on how it feels to be betrayed by someone he trusted, frontman Bryan Kuznitz says the track mirrors his thoughts on love. “As delicate and fragile as love is, we decided to take a softer and more dynamic approach to the sound of this song,” the singer shares. “We feel that 'Scars Of Love' is a song about the pain we have all felt at some point.” The track will be featured on the band’s upcoming debut LP, LEVELS, out Sept. 4 via Hopeless Records.

foreveratlast – “Holy Ghost”

For fans of: My Chemical Romance, Bring Me The Horizon, We Came As Romans

Their first single since the release of 2015’s Ghosts Again, foreveratlast tear it up and tackle their inner demons in “Holy Ghost.” Vocalist Brittany Ritchey says the track was written so others would be able to relate to it on a personal level. "I wrote it off some personal things, but with alcoholism, addiction and even people that create holes in our lives in mind,” she says. “It’s like, what is it that follows you? What’s hiding in your shadows?” The band currently have an album ready for release but haven’t shared a definite date for its arrival.

GHØSTKID – “Start A Fight”

For fans of: Bring Me The Horizon, Motionless In White, Chelsea Grin

Need a song to get you up in the morning? “Start A Fight” from German hardcore outfit GHØSTKID will get you moving with arms swinging. The track boasts aggressive screams, raging riffs and a moving groove fit for an all-out brawl. “Start A Fight” will appear on the band’s upcoming self-titled album, scheduled for release this November via Century Media

Ghost Town Remedy – “A Lesson In Shapeshifting”

For fans of: Paramore, blink-182, American Football

Ghost Town Remedy explore change and how to move on in their personal new track, “A Lesson In Shapeshifting.” Filled with harmonies and punk riffs, the song was written after a tragedy in vocalist/guitarist TJ Maher’s life, and it allowed him to share how he was feeling at the time. “I wrote this song about a year or so after my youngest brother Daniel committed suicide in October 2014,” Maher shares. “I felt like I just needed to get everything I was feeling at the time that was building up inside me off my chest, and it ended up becoming a form of therapy for me.” The song is set to be featured on the band’s upcoming release, Dry Spell

Give Me A Reason – “Funny”

For fans of: Oh, Weatherly, Between You & Me, All Time Low

Give Me A Reason debut a pop-punk breakup anthem with “Funny.” The Swiss quartet delve into what it’s like to be in a toxic relationship with an upbeat backtrack of sugary hooks and even sweeter melodies. The track will be featured on the band’s upcoming EP, Vice Versa, out Oct. 23. 

Happy. – “Cure For Wellness”

For fans of: blink-182, Calling All Captains, Driveways  

Rock trio Happy. mix the lighthearted vibe of pop with heart-wrenching honesty in their latest single, A Cure For Wellness.” The song was used as an outlet for singer/guitarist Tate Logan to share the story of someone he cared about who was struggling with addiction. “It describes the anger, frustration and resentment that I felt in the beginning,” he shares. “[It] was an outlet for me surrounding the lies and manipulations that occurred during the darkest moments of the addiction.” The track will be included on their upcoming LP, Imposter Syndrome, out Oct. 30 and is available to preorder via Rude Records.

Kat Cunning – “Supernova (tigers blud)”

For fans of: Bea Miller, Sasha Sloan, Bishop Briggs

Kat Cunning delivers a new alt-pop anthem with their latest love song, “Supernova (tigers blud).” The track builds to a colorful climax before leaning into a gentle bridge and was inspired by Cunning’s experience with falling for someone while knowing it won’t work. “I wrote [the song] to celebrate the power of love—how it can make us feel three times our size and even overpromise things we have no control over,” Cunning says. “I hope it accompanies the lovers who would rather burn at the hands of something supernatural than watch through a telescope a million miles removed.” Recently signing with Lava Records, they’re currently working on their debut EP, which is set to drop soon. 

Lauren Sanderson – “Frustrated”

For fans of: PVRIS, King Princess, UPSAHL 

Lauren Sanderson delves into her own troubles with the alt-pop groove “Frustrated.” Rocking guitar riffs backed by Sanderson’s raw voice and meaningful lyrics all meld together to create a relatable track speaking on life’s anxieties. “That fear of being vulnerable can convince you your feelings are 'too much,' Sanderson says. “You can't believe those thoughts.” After having to postpone this year’s North American tour due to the coronavirus pandemic, the singer plans to hit the road for the Midwest Kids Can Make It Big tour in April 2021. Tickets and a full list of dates can be found here

Levi Rowan – “Let It Go”

For fans of: Cage The Elephant, lovelytheband, Matt Maeson

With his third single, alt-pop vocalist Levi Rowan shares his “origin story” with his latest track, “Let It Go.” Cheery beats coincide with glowing riffs and optimistic lyrics about moving past hard times. Rowan says the track details several negative experiences of his life that shaped him into who he is today. “It’s also a message to everyone not to judge a kid before you know them,” the singer says. “It’s really easy to deem someone a bad apple off hearsay before you know what seeds they’ve been grown from.” 

LØLØ – “Hate U”

For fans of: Wens, Liz Lokre, BRDGS

Bedroom-pop vocalist LØLØ introduces an upbeat breakup anthem with the catchy “Hate U.” The song utilizes bright pop synths and a quick tempo to create memorable beats and striking harmonies. Beginning with a single electric guitar, the singer deals out candid lyrics about how someone can feel post-relationship. “There’s nothing worse than trying to ignore those feelings, especially when you’ve fallen for someone you’re not supposed to fall for,” she says. “‘Hate U’ is the anthem for all us sorry suckers that never end up getting what we want.The track is off the singer’s upcoming EP, Permanent Damage, out later this year.

Low Float – “Here Before” (feat. Jeen)

For fans of: FINNEAS, Wallows, Dayglow

Driven by a rolling bassline, Low Float showcases warm vocals paired with a relaxing rhythm in “Low Float.” The song is a reflection during a “weird spot” in the artist's life and serves as a reminder to not take himself too seriously. The track is the first single off Low Float’s upcoming album, For Your Dreams, which drops Sept. 18.


For fans of: RIVALS, Bones UK, Saint Agnes

LUNA AURA’s vocals are as sweet as “HONEY” in her latest release. The singer dishes out cheeky lyrics with an empowering twist accompanied by grunge-loaded guitar riffs and a deep bass. The track is a reminder to those who look down on others—just because someone seems shy and keeps to themselves doesn’t mean they can’t control the world. The new single will be included on her upcoming EP produced by JT Daly (Paper Route, K.Flay), THREE CHEERS FOR THE AMERICAN BEAUTY, which drops Oct. 2 and is available to presave here

Maggie Lindemann – “Knife Under My Pillow”

For fans of: Halsey, Avril Lavigne, 5 Seconds Of Summer 

Alt-pop powerhouse Maggie Lindemann pleads for her life in her upbeat new single, Knife Under My Pillow,” which marks her first for Caroline Records. Distorted guitars shadow the singer’s energetic vocals and edgy lyrics. The song is based on her childhood experiences when she thought she was actually in danger. “When I was a little kid, my biggest fear was being kidnapped,” she says. “But I swear to you, there was something going on in this house I was living in. I actually really did start sleeping with a knife under my pillow.”

Mikey Ferrari – “moving slow”

For fans of: FINNEAS, gnash, Troye Sivan

Channeling otherworldly vibes through slow-grooving rhythms and echoing vocals, indie newcomer Mikey Ferrari makes his debut with the atmospheric “moving slow.” Trippy synths enhance the backtrack without overpowering Ferrari’s soft voice. The song is meant as an encouragement to those who feel like giving up on what they enjoy doing, with Ferrari saying, "It takes time to fall in love with whatever it is you like.” The track is his first single off his upcoming debut EP, spaceboy

Model Child – “Drain Me”

For fans of: Nirvana, GIRLI, Suzi Wu

Inspired by ’90s vibes and psych-punk grinds, Model Child’s (aka Danny Parker) “Drain Me” boasts echoing vocals and a beat that is downright groovy. Meant to capture the feeling of what it’s like to be crushing on someone, the song is catchy and intoxicating with smooth guitar transitions and slick drums. The track is the second single from Parker’s upcoming debut album, Dropout, which drops Oct. 16. 

Moon Fever – “Shaking Off The Evil”

For fans of: The Score, the Unlikely Candidates, X Ambassadors

Moon Fever’s “Shaking Off The Evil” encompasses the heart of classic rock ’n’ roll and blends it with contemporary rhythms and beats. The song is a slow build with small hills throughout until it reaches its grandiose finale. Waves of guitars crash into cliffs of old-fashioned soul and harmonizing vocalizations before slowly fading out.

Moon Taxi – “Light Up”

For fans of: Night Riots, Smallpools, lovelytheband

The second single off their upcoming album, Moon Taxi’s “Light Up” is the uplifting track everyone needs to hear right now. Featuring lyrics surrounding hope and a bright backing track to match, frontman Trevor Terndrup says the song was released at just the right time. “We have always found solace through music and people coming together around music, be it in a large crowd or singing in the car,” Terndrup says. “So until we can dance and sing together again, ‘Light Up’ and don’t give up.”

Narrow Head – “Hard To Swallow”

For fans of: Superheaven, Smashing Pumpkins, Sick Puppies

Narrow Head deliver raw attitude meshed with dark guitar riffs and harsh screams in “Hard To Swallow.” The band took note from groups such as Helmet and Bad Brains for the track. Wanting to honor their roots, the hard-rock five-piece share ear-catching melodies paired with a backtrack good enough to mosh to. “Hard To Swallow” will be featured on their upcoming album, 12th House Rock, due out Aug. 28 via Run For Cover

Pærish – “Fixed It All”

For fans of: Lonely The Brave, Superheaven, Black Foxxes

French quartet Pærish debut the first single off their forthcoming album with “Fixed It All.” Grunge-like guitars fill every beat while a heavy bassline drives lyrics addressing questionable decisions and losing friends. Vocalist/guitarist Mathias Court says the Will Yip-produced track sets the tone for the rest of the band’s upcoming LP set to be released through SideOneDummy, which will be “darker [and] heavier” than their previous works. 

Phoenix Day – “Follow Me Down”

For fans of: Bad Omens, From Ashes To New, Nothing More  

After a hiatus beginning in 2017, Australian post-hardcore quintet Phoenix Day are back with their powerful new single, “Follow Me Down.” Featuring dark synths and deep riffs, the track fluctuates between gritty, scream-filled lines and slick, clean choruses. The track peaks with overlapping verses and rhythms before coming to an abrupt end. Mix and mastered by bassist Julian Meyer and drummer Markus Meyer, the song was co-produced by Forrester Savall (Karnivool, Birds Of Tokyo.) Special effects in the accompanying music video are by Dave Hunter (Circles) from Band Factory Media.

PONY – “WebMD”

For fans of: Diet Cig, Ratboys, Charly Bliss 

Mixing pop melodies and grunge basslines, PONY share their fast-paced new anthem “WebMD.” A slight reverb accompanies singer Sam Bielanski’s vocals throughout the two-minute song, with the backtrack holding down the guitar riffs and drums. The quartet’s debut full-length drops later this year via Take This To Heart Records.

Run River North – “Cemetery”

For fans of: Twin Forks, Magic Giant, Colony House

Even though it’s based on a date to a graveyard, Run River North’s “Cemetery” serves as an amicable approach to what could otherwise be a dark topic. Like some of their previous tracks, their latest single is inspired by singer Alex Hwang’s fascination and understanding of dying. “With cemeteries, there's a quiet calm that draws me in," he shares. "I'm able to sit with death and not be overcome with fear.” The track itself is a mellow groove of light riffs and airy harmonies fitting of an early night stroll. “Cemetery” will be featured on the trio’s upcoming album, which is due for released later this year.

Scarypoolparty – “Return2Sender”

For fans of: The Band CAMINO, joan, Margie Mays 

With airy vocals and light synths, Scarypoolparty’s (Alejandro Aranda) “Return2Sender” is a relaxing trip through heartbreak and longing. Following up his 2019 debut LP Exit Form, Aranda drew inspiration from ’70s pop and wove it with intricate guitar solos and mesmerizing vocals. The track will be included on his forthcoming EP, Doom Hologram which drops Sept. 4 via Hollywood Records.

Slow Pulp – “Falling Apart”

For fans of: beabadoobee, Reptaliens, LAUNDER

Led by notes from a swaying violin, Slow Pulp shell out a relaxing mood and dreamy vibes in “Falling Apart.” The track was made in the midst of the quarantine when singer Emily Massey was going through a rough patch. “Life felt completely surreal. Everything had drastically changed and at such a rapid pace,” she says. “It was especially strange because everyone was experiencing the same thing at the same time but couldn’t be with each other." The track will be featured in the group’s self-produced debut album, Moveys, set to be released Oct. 9 via Winspear.

sophie meiers – “edge of the world”

For fans of: Billie Eilish, Dijon, cehryl

With striking rhythms and looping synths, sophie meiers explores the “edge of the world” while delivering haunting vocals and airy melodies. The anti-pop singer envisions the end of life as we know it with dark imagery and lyrics such as “The violence makes me feels so calm” and “Death is certain.” The track is included on their latest EP, you and me again.

Tedy – “Boys Don’t Cry”

For fans of: Amber Run, Etham, SYML

Tedy takes us on an R&B journey of empowerment and addresses society’s views on masculinity with “Boys Don’t Cry.” Backed by moving synthesizers and beats, Tedy’s voice fluctuates between low verses and high choruses with ease, providing a smooth roller coaster of sound. Directed by Elliott Muscat and Tristan C-M, the track’s accompanying music video details the singer’s own life experiences and how he overcame his hardships. The song will be included on Tedy’s upcoming EP, Boys Don’t Cry, out Sept. 11 via Sony Music Canada.

Three Cheers Too Late – “This Might Be It”

For fans of: Youth Fountain, Calling All Captains, Wilmette

Touching on loss and mourning, pop-punk five-piece Three Cheers Too Late release an emotional new single with “This Might Be It.” Unwavering and fast-paced, the band waste no time getting to the heart of the track with resonating lyrics about how no one really knows what comes after death. Vocalist Anthony Santiago says he hopes the track can help others reflect on their own grief the way writing it helped with his own. “I want to believe there’s something after this life,” he shares. “I’m honestly just waiting for a sign from my loved ones who have left this life before me to say that it’s all right and that there is something more.”

Younger Hunger – “Pray 4 U”

For fans of: Weathers, the Happy Fits, I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME

Beginning with slow guitar riffs, Younger Hunger slowly rocket into outer space with each instrumental addition on the otherworldly “Pray 4 U.” The track is their third single since the release of their debut EP, YIKES, earlier this year. Grappling with toxic relationships, the trio meld ear-catching melodies and tight rhythms into a euphony of psych-pop harmonies. 

Yours Truly – “Undersize”

For fans of: Stand Atlantic, Between You & Me, Broadside 

Australian pop-punk four-piece Yours Truly share a heartwarming, bouncy track with “Undersize.” A rocking melody encompasses soothing acoustic guitars as lead vocalist Mikaila Delgado sings sweet melodies. “Undersize” was written for a friend of the singer to let them know they aren’t alone. “While watching them navigate their life through all the ups, downs and obstacles life throws at them, I wrote this just to let them know that I'm here for them through all of that," Delgado says. The song will be featured on the band’s upcoming debut album, Self Care, out Sept. 18 via UNFD.