Welcome to Sound Station, where we’re highlighting the best new tracks that came out this week. Head into the weekend with songs from Fireworks, White Reaper and more.

Fireworks’ “God Approved Insurance Plan” is a fiery critique of evangelical extremism 

After a nine-year hiatus since their last album, Detroit pop-punkers Fireworks have returned with Higher Lonely Power, a brand-new surprise LP that showcases a radical yet captivating departure in sound. Opener “God Approved Insurance Plan” sets everything ablaze with chaotic guitar work in the vein of These Arms Are Snakes and the Blood Brothers, coupled with frantic vocals that hark back to early Manchester Orchestra. “God Approved Insurance Plan” is unrelenting in its lyrics, which set the scene for an album that's largely critical of evangelism and religious extremism. While the track is a far cry from the group’s prior sunny melodic tendencies, the more pissed-off version of Fireworks may in fact be their best era yet. —Alessandro DeCaro

White Reaper’s “Pink Slip” adds a fresh coat of paint to their raw sound

White Reaper’s “Pink Slip” contains a healthy dose of pop sensibilities and a charming trip through early 2000s nostalgia. While initially known for their riotous lo-fi punk anthems, “Pink Slip” proves that the band can venture into more accessible territory without losing substance. With glossy production and melodic guitar lines that evoke memories of Jimmy Eat World and blink-182, paired with coming-of-age lyrics that wrestle with life changes, “Pink Slip” is the perfect track for a high-speed drive with nothing but time. —Alessandro DeCaro

The Lemon Twigs return with new music for the first time in years with "Corner Of My Eye"

Allow the Lemon Twigs to transport you to sunny Laurel Canyon on even the dreariest winter day. Brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario, who spearhead the folky, ’60s-inspired indie project, are back with their first single in two years, “Corner Of My Eye,” which is their debut release on their new label Captured Tracks. It’s a charming, vintage pop ballad about how transformative it can be to have that special someone near. Let the repetition of the sweet chorus (“But when I’ve got you in the corner of my eye/All my moments are the same when day or night”) fill you with memories of who you’d like in the corner of your eye, too. —Sadie Bell

Will Epstein’s “Oyster Bay” carves out its own spellbinding universe

Will Epstein employs a gentle touch with his latest single, “Oyster Bay.” Across nearly six minutes, the track is saturated with an emotional depth that feels both ghostly and hypnotic, where piano chords sound like raindrops and saxophone melds with guitar, courtesy of Dave Harrington (DARKSIDE, Taper’s Choice). It’s a lush, transfixing trip that’ll make you keen to delve into the New York composer's second record, Wendy, out Feb. 3 via Fat Possum Records. —Neville Hardman