Everyone loves to jam out to their favorite artists and classic hits, but let’s not forget about all the fresh talent constantly popping up around the world. From pop and indie to punk and post-hardcore, there’s always a new name in music waiting to be heard.

We know there’s a lot of faces to sift through, so we’re here to help. Each month, we’re gathering the best new releases within the past five weeks from artists you may not know and are putting them all in one place. Check out what music you might have missed in October below and follow the AltPress Discover playlist on Spotify to stay up to date on new music. Who knows? You just may find your next favorite band.

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Action/Adventure – “Barricades”

For fans of: Wilmette, Assuming We Survive, Down To Friend

Chicago pop-punk act Action/Adventure want to know if you’re listening on their latest single, “Barricades.” With a 59-second duration, the track quickly garnered over 1 million views on TikTok. Heavy breakdowns and intricate solos decorate the track, complementing its meaningful lyrics. We wanted to provide insight into our experiences growing up as minorities in a scene that lacks diversity,” the band say. “The way you look shouldn’t affect you showing [what] you’re capable of.

American Teeth – “Barred Out” (feat. TWIN XL)

For fans of: Little Hurt, Nekokat, No Love For The Middle Child

American Teeth (Elijah Noll) contemplates the effects of a breakup in his infectious new single, “Barred Out.” The track is the singer’s fourth single under American Teeth and first with Fearless Records. Co-directed by Noll, Joe Striff and Daniel Francis, the accompanying imagery illustrates the energy of the track perfectly with alternating shots between the singers covered in blues and greens. Backed by TWIN XL’s Cameron Walker-Wright and alongside producer Colin Brittain (All Time Low, Papa Roach), Noll delivers a pop-rock anthem filled with glowing synths and waves. 

ARI – “Murderer”

For fans of: LØLØ, Billie Eilish, somegirlnamedanna

ARI reflects on her own experience with a toxic person in “Murderer,” the first single off her latest EP. A dark waltz, the track begins with reverberating synths before pausing to go into a lighter backbeat. ARI takes the lead with haunting melodies, going on about a previous unhealthy relationship. “‘Murderer’ is an ode to the pain you feel when love dies,” she says. “It’s all of that anger, sadness and frantic emotion that seems to overwhelm you all at once. I think at some point, even if only for a moment, everyone has felt that soul-shattering heartache. “Murderer” joins latest single “I Put A Spell On You” on ARI’s Halloween-inspired EP, Kiss Me, Kill Me, which dropped Oct. 30.

Arrows In Action – “Failing On Purpose”

For fans of: Waterparks, All Time Low, Bearings

Tackling anxieties in relationships, Arrows In Action give fans a dose of retro arcade stylings with “Failing On Purpose.” They previously worked with All Time Low’s Rian Dawson last year when they released “Close Enough” as the followup to debut EP Hell In Paradise. Since then, the band have dropped a handful of singles. Created by Rob Levy of Inside The Box Animations, the music video of their latest release “Failing On Purpose” opens with an 8-bit of the band as they prepare to battle it out with bullies, robots and their van. Inspired by life’s struggles and how we overcome them, the track is an instant pop-punk classic filled with catchy choruses, captivating progressions and hooks that will have you dancing to the end.

Artdei – “KAWHI”

For fans of: Childish Gambino, Tyler, The Creator, BROCKHAMPTON

Artdei explore their dark side with the rock-leaning hip-hop groove, “KAWHI.” Inspired by horror and the overall sound of the track, the duo made a twisted music video to go along with the edgy guitar riffs and ominous sonics. A sinister piano starts the track before vocalist David White (DWhite) enters with distorted vocals that seep into the crevices of your brain. The track is included on their debut EP, Don’t Worry.

Babygirl – “Easy”

For fans of: Phoebe Bridgers, Clairo, Soccer Mommy

Indie-pop duo Babygirl make participating in a demolition derby look “Easy” in their latest music video. Directed by Dylan Mitro, the pair are seen putting a car together in preparation for the event before it’s crashed to pieces at the derby. The track is a stark contrast to its imagery. Light guitars drift through each chord while singer Kirsten “Kiki” Francis’ vocals float on top. “Easy” marks Babygirl’s first release this year.

bandcalledmax – “Turn It Up”

For fans of: Greta Van Fleet, Badflower, Gary Clark Jr.

bandcalledmax put their own spin on rock ’n’ roll with the title track of their debut album, Turn It Up. Modern guitar pickings dominate the foreground while swinging riffs decorate the back. Teasing listeners with a rock piano break, it all culminates to give the track a vintage feel. Turn It Up dropped Oct. 23 and is available to stream here.

Bloodbather – “Erase”

For fans of: SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Varials, Knocked Loose

Bloodbather explore insecurities with electric chords and relentless screams in “Erase.” Unforgiving riffs dominate each measure alongside vocalist Kyler Millo’s emphatic roars and dips. Serving as a commentary on hypermasculinity, the song’s accompanying music video is an aggressive futuristic dystopia painted red. The track is featured on the band’s latest EP, Silence, available now via Rise Records.

Blu DeTiger – “Cotton Candy Lemonade”

For fans of: the Regrettes, Jackie Hayes, Dreamer Boy

Get lost in the music with Blu DeTiger in “Cotton Candy Lemonade.” The track floats from one ear to the other, with a trance-like wave lulling its listeners to relaxation. “It taps into the fantasy of running away to a perfect place with your perfect someone, whether it be a friend, a lover, a partner or stranger,” DeTiger says. Much like its song, the accompanying music video is a soothing ride through the city, one you never want to finish. Blu DeTiger also released a live version of the track with her brother Rex on drums, which you can watch here.

Boy Destroy – “Warpaint”

For fans of: Lil Peep, nothing,nowhere., guccihighwaters

Boy Destroy introduces himself to the emo-trap scene with “Warpaint.” Inspired by artists such as My Chemical Romance and Joji, the Swedish artist doles out relatable lyrics in front of a tight R&B pulse. “I’m using my wounds, my mistakes, my anger, my sorrow and my passion as armor,” he says. “I don’t feel like I need to hide anymore. Like a boxer, bleeding in the ring, the pain doesn’t bother me much. It’s the fuel for this machine.” “Warpaint” is the title track of his upcoming EP, and you can hear snippets of the rest of it here.

Calva Louise – “TRIAL”

For fans of: Saint Agnes, Dream Wife, the Luka State

In honor of signing to FRKST Records, the imprint of Highly Suspect’s Johnny Stevens, Calva Louise shared an electrifying rock track with “TRIAL.” The song is meant to pay homage to Franz Kafka’s The Trial, a novel about how the protagonist is arrested for an unknown crime. Like its video, which was shot entirely on an iPhone 11, the track is a lightning storm of striking riffs and thundering drums. With tight basslines and quick tempos, “TRIAL” is an unstoppable force that only calms when it breaks into the softer final verse.

Chamber – “Numb (Transfuse)”

For fans of: Bloodbather, Year Of The Knife, Inclination

Metalcore outfit Chamber touch on their own personal struggles in “Numb (Transfuse).” The quartet push gripping power chords alongside roaring screams. Guitarist Gabe Manuel says, lyrically, “Numb (Transfuse)” is a “pretty vivid summary of the similar things that every member of the band was going through at the time” of its creation. The track is featured on their debut album, Cost Of Sacrifice, which dropped Oct. 23 via Pure Noise Records.

Crash Cathedral – “MoodRing”

For fans of: LANY, flor, Wrabel

Mixing alt-pop and moody grooves, Crash Cathedral’s “MoodRing” utilizes glossy synths to paint a track worthy of the dance floor. Despite its bright exterior, the underlying meaning of the song is the story of a “very particular kind of deceit” and how some people aren’t what they make themselves out to be. “This song is a look at what happens when someone else’s bad habits and lesser qualities collide with the pedestal you put them on,” the band say. “And the destruction that can do to your psyche.”

Dana Dentata – “DO U LIKE ME NOW?”

For fans of: Poppy, Brooke Candy, the Buttress

On top of working with Machine Gun Kelly on the horror musical podcast Halloween In Hell, Dana Dentata also dropped her first single this year with “DO U LIKE ME NOW?” The release marks Dentata’s first with Roadrunner Records and is an industrialized take on punk and hardcore. Dark synths complement Dentata’s shady lyrics and grisly intonations. The track serves as a preview for her debut LP, Pantychrist, which is expected for release next year.

Drones – “Josephine”

For fans of: Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Runaway Kids, the Friday Prophets

Drones tear through past troubles with ripping progressions and slamming riffs in “Josephine.” Animated by William Davies, the accompanying music video takes clay versions of the band where they explore another planet. Head-banging drums thunder in the background as lead singer Lois McDougall screams at her toxic alter ego that she’s no longer needed. The track is inspired by her past “unhealthy relationship with alcohol,” “Josephine” being what her friends would refer to her as when she was intoxicated. Drones’ new album is set to release in February 2021 via Thousand Islands Records.

The Dumes – “Liquor & High”

For fans of: Hippo Campus, Pavement, Franz Ferdinand

Indie-rock quintet the Dumes keep the summer vibes going in their latest music video for “Liquor & High.” Channeling classic rock ’n’ roll energy, the group play out striking progressions paired with engaging rhythms. Inspired by relationships and how the song serves as a “resume” for future partners, the track features upbeat drum hits and catchy melodies fitting for a day out in the sun. 

Eli Hurts – “Eli Hurts”

For fans of: shYbeast, 3OH!3, Green Day

Inspired by the likes of My Chemical Romance and Smashing Pumpkins, Eli Hurts (Eli Hirsch) dropped his debut EP, Future Accountants Of America, Unite this month. Focusing on inner turmoil, the self-titled track is emo to its core. With help from producer Ethan Gruska (Phoebe Bridgers, Fiona Apple), “Eli Hurts” is joined by “What if” as a look into Hirsch’s mind featuring heavy guitars and distorted synths that surround his words in sonic color.

FigureItOut – “Endless Nights”

For fans of: Neck Deep, Knuckle Puck, Mayday Parade

Off his latest LP, Searching For More, FigureItOut (Mike Weakley) shares a new feel-good track with “Endless Nights.” Channeling the nostalgia of pop-punk acts such as New Found Glory with melodic aspects inspired by the Story So Far, the song features anthemic vibes paired with dance-driven riffs. Weakley will soon be releasing a live session recorded with blessthefall’s Eric Lambert featuring lighting from Carlos Katz (the Maine, Neck Deep).

Goody Grace – “Winter” (feat. Burna Boy)

For fans of: SayWeCanFly, gnash, lostboycrow

Goody Grace shares his own story with the ominous “Winter” featuring Burna Boy. Soft trap beats lie beneath Grace’s personal words, anchoring the track through every dip and turn. With the instrumental inspired by the works of director David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive) and singer Tom Waits, the song details Grace’s feelings about growing up and wanting to run away. 

Herizen – “Hellboy”

For fans of: Zunai, Drama, hapi

Herizen (American Gods, The Get Down) explores love and heartache with “Hellboy,” taken from her latest EP. Trap beats reverberate in the background while the singer delivers chilling harmonies that are sure to haunt your mind. Accompanied by dark synths, Herizen reflects on heartbreak with emotional lyrics delivered in sweet falsettos. Add in the song’s reverberating bassline and it makes for an exhilarating grunge groove. “Hellboy” is featured on her latest EP, Demon, which is available to stream here along with the most recent music video for the title track

I Fight Fail – “Here”

For fans of: Thrice, Speech Patterns, Colorblind

Inspired by loss and its effects on loneliness, I Fight Fail share somber melodies with “Here.” The track crawls its way into each crevice of your mind and leaves you with a lingering feeling of heartache. Written during a weekend at a cabin in the woods, dark chords adorn choruses filled with heartbreaking lyrics that sound like they echo through an empty forest before each progression fades to silence.

Infinite Illusion – “Absence”

For fans of: Thousand Below, Polaris, In Hearts Wake

Australian post-hardcore quintet Infinite Illusion explore the effects of undiagnosed mental illness with “Absence.” The use of synths highlights each breakdown and scream while the instruments build on each other for rapturous choruses and a lingering ending. Written when drummer Daniel Sergeant discovered he had PTSD, the band want to make sure their fans know that they aren’t going through life alone. "We hope that what we have written encapsulates some of these moments,” Sergeant says. “Our message is to let people know they don’t have to go through struggle on their own, [that] there is hope on the horizon and to stay strong.”

Inhaler – “When It Breaks”

For fans of: Night Riots, Sam Fender, Sea Girls

Inhaler reflect on what they’ve witnessed over the past few months in their latest indie-rock anthem, “When It Breaks.” Accompanied by a video co-directed by Douglas Hart (the Jesus And Mary Chain) and Antony Genn, dark synths underline peppy guitar riffs, giving the track a hopeful sound tinged with a sense of eeriness. Created during the coronavirus lockdown, the band found inspiration for the song from the current state of the world. “It’s definitely the most politically driven song we’ve released so far,” they say. “It’s our interpretation of this strange and imperfect world we’ve come to live in. Things are gonna change, and we are gonna be there when they do.”

J. Graves – “Lo The Mourning”

For fans of: Bengala, Porter, Human Tetris

The third track on J. Graves’ latest EP, Deathbed, “Lo The Mourning” is a dance-grunge number that will get you moving. Charged with electrifying drums and intoxicating riffs, Graves belts memorable choruses alongside quick-paced drums that will get your head banging. Slowing down at the bridge, it’s a slow crescendo to a dynamic finale of cymbal crashes and hits.

Jesse Jo Stark – “Die Young”

For fans of: Nasty Cherry, Dreamgirl, Cat Pierce

Accompanied by sweet guitars and a drip of marimba chords, Jesse Jo Stark laments what it means to “Die Young” in her third single this year. A blend of country and pop noir, Stark’s seraphic vocals lull you through a forest of tranquility. The single included polaroids taken by YUNGBLUD that reflect her feelings on growing up, which marked their second collaboration following her appearance in the singer’s “Strawberry Lipstick” video. Stark’s five-minute track concludes with an ocean of violins and other strings floating through waves and scratches—a colorful ending to an otherwise somber track.

KennyHoopla – “lost cause//” (feat. Jesse Rutherford)

For fans of: Hot Mulligan, Can’t Swim, Joyce Manor

KennyHoopla shared a new version of his mellow new-wave song “lost cause//.” The track was originally released last year and appeared on his debut EP. It later got a rendition with grandson, and now KennyHoopla is teaming up with the Neighbourhood’s Jesse Rutherford for a new take. The danceable beat and bassline back the two singers as their words echo and float through the song. This version features lyrical additions of “Don’t shoot/Hands up,” which are meaningful words to the Black Lives Matter movement and those who continue to fight for equal rights. KennyHoopla also followed up the track by joining nothing,nowhere. on his latest “blood” this month. The musician is currently set to join YUNGBLUD and You Me At Six as support on their respective tours and perform at Riot Fest in 2021.

M.A.G.S. – “Smile”

For fans of: Peach Pit, Okey Dokey, Kid Bloom

M.A.G.S. (Elliott Douglas) puts on a “Smile” to help get through some tough times in his latest dream-pop single. The track was inspired by how some people may feel during a “lovers quarrel.” Laid-back vocals are accompanied by upbeat rock riffs and drums, perfectly illustrating the dynamic of what fights between partners can look like. “The push and pull of emotions and the fiery anecdotes that engulf every disagreement eventually collapse into a singular moment of exasperation,” Douglas says. “You realize you don’t remember what you were even fighting about.”

Marlene Mendoza – “Karma”

For fans of: Memphis May Fire, DIAMANTE, Evanescence

With her first single since 2018, Marlene Mendoza delivers haunting vocals and atmospheric rock vibes embellished with thundering bass. “Karma” is a slow-moving groove, unlike her previous fast-paced singles “Not Afraid” and “A Battle Between Two Lesser Evils.” With her latest track, Mendoza draws out each note to their fullest extent, producing transient melodies over post-hardcore riffs.

merci, mercy – “Something You Like”

For fans of: Wafia, G Flip, Alice Ivy

merci, mercy (Mercedes Thorne) delivers gentle vocals and honest lyrics in “Something You Like.” Backed by a pattering of keys and tender ukulele strummings, Thorne is surrounded with warm instrumentation as she sweetly sings her observations about toxic relationships. “Something You Like” is the third single on her debut EP, no thank you, no thanks, out now via Liberation Records.

Miko – “I Wasn’t Made To Fall In Love”

For fans of: All Time Low, 5 Seconds Of Summer, ROLE MODEL

Miko’s “I Wasn’t Made To Fall In Love” blends pop and rock riffs and creates captivating beats with even catchier lyrics. A steady backbeat drives the singer through each verse and is accompanied by a fixed bassline. Co-produced with Mathieu Sénéchal, the track is his third release ever and comes with Miko’s first music video, which follows the singer through Montreal causing all kinds of trouble.

Miloe – “Winona”

For fans of: Atomic Cafe, the Clean Tramps, Marmalade

Miloe (Bobby Kabeya) sets the tone for his latest bedroom-pop EP, Greenhouse, with a tranquil tune. Inspired by rom-com films, “Winona” fuses ’80s synths with elysian grooves and a steady beat to create a song perfect for a day of relaxation on the beach. Shot by Kabeya’s parents, the track’s accompanying music video matches the overall aesthetic perfectly with muted and pastel colors and simple takes.

Neon Dreams – “House Party”

For fans of: LØLØ, BRDGS, Famba

Surrounded by electrifying synths and ringing guitars, Neon Dreams reminisce on their teenage years in colorful grandeur. “When I was a teenager, experiencing party culture for the first time, I wouldn’t really say anything and would just sit with my thoughts,” vocalist Frank Kadillac says. “[At] house parties, I’d meet these weird people like me, and we’d have these great conversations.” The track will be included on the duo’s upcoming album, The Happiness Of Tomorrow, which drops Nov. 13. The band will be embarking on a 10-date tour of Canada within the Atlantic Bubble beginning the same day, and remaining tickets are available here.

Nova Fracture – “Biohazard” (feat. Chad Ruhlig and Ryan Kirby)

For fans of: Like Moths To Flames, In This Moment, the Word Alive

Joined by Chad Ruhlig (For The Fallen Dreams) and Fit For A King’s Ryan Kirby, metalcore four-piece Nova Fracture warn everyone of a “Biohazard” in their latest single. The track is the band’s first release since September’s Stranded Souls EP. Deep basslines weave their way through each thundering roar and riff as the vocalists trade off screams. The track is a steady crescendo into an echoing bridge and reverberating finale.


For fans of: Troi Irons, BLOXX, Zach Villa

PEP SQUAD make sure you know they’re a force to be reckoned with in their debut single, “REBEL.” Composed of songwriter/guitarist Curtis Peoples (Grayscale, Third Eye Blind), singer Kat Leon (Holy Wars) and drummer/producer Dan Whittemore, the trio are loud, unapologetic and downright punk rock. With drops worthy of an epic battle scene, the protest track is made for those moments where you need to get up and fight. The track was also featured in the official trailer for Netflix’s Teenage Bounty Hunters.

phem – “stfu”

For fans of: dying in designer, MOD SUN, Teddy

phem confronts her own thoughts and analyzations in the airy “stfu” A conversation between herself, her inner self and a lover, hip-hop beats bounce in the backtrack over faint vocals. Illustrated in the accompanying visual with animation by Olivia Ochoa, the track focuses on overthinking. The track joins phem’s other releases this year including “Self Control” and grandson collab “How Bout Now

Pinkshift – “Rainwalk”

For fans of: My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Fall Out Boy

Baltimore four-piece Pinkshift unleash all of their anger and frustration into “Rainwalk.” Though their EP release was pushed back to the coronavirus pandemic, the band aren’t letting it stop them from releasing hard-hitting singles. Backed by post-hardcore-esque riffs and breaks, singer Ashrita Kumar delivers scathing lyrics aimed at anyone who leaves you behind for no reason. The track is a steady build of chords and melodies until reaching a tumultuous ending that leaves your head spinning.

pluko – “the sound” (feat. Moby Rich)

For fans of: DREAMERS, Friday Pilots Club, Betcha

Combining alt-rock and electronic stylings, alt-pop duo Moby Rich and producer pluko teamed up to create a genre-bending banger with “the sound.” Opening with slick guitar progressions, kicking drums drive the track through every sharp breakdown and ear-catching chorus. Low sequences are spread throughout the song and are so deep, the listener will feel like they’re at a concert surrounded by bass. The track appears on pluko’s BABY BLUE EP out now.

Pollyanna – “Don’t Stay, Don’t Go”

For fans of: Snarls, Young Culture, Glacier Veins

Pollyanna tackle conflicting emotions of loneliness in “Don’t Stay, Don’t Go.” Led by ear-catching guitar riffs and a steady backbeat, the trio shred through memorable verses and captivating choruses. All about “wanting to be alone yet surrounded by attention from people at the same time,” the track is the perfect song to play when you just don’t know what you want. 


For fans of: Motionless In White, New Years Day, Ice Nine Kills

Halloween just passed, but that doesn’t mean the scary season has to be over. With QUALIA’s “CVLT FICTION” music video, you can keep the spooky vibes going every day. A dynamic waltz, the track features thundering guitar riffs accompanied by a ripping bassline that will have you smashing repeat. The track serves as the band’s debut with InVogue Records with more music in the works.

Quinton Brock – “To The Moon”

For fans of: The Get Money Squad, Jon Bap, Caleb Giles

After embracing the darker times of his life, Quinton Brock melted punk, rock and hip-hop grooves together to create “To The Moon.” Guitars weave through reverberating drums while sweet vocalizations echo in the background. Taking inspiration from the final words his ex-girlfriend told him during their breakup, Brock delivers cathartic beats backed by personal lyrics about what it’s like to be alive right now.

sad alex – “i’m glad that you found someone” (feat. gnash)

For fans of: renforshort, Carlie Hanson, FINNEAS

sad alex and gnash channel the frustrations a breakup brings on the mellow “i’m glad that you found someone” After dealing with her own heartbreak, sad alex says the track is inspired by feelings that haven’t gone away. “The fifth stage of a breakup is anger,” she says. “I’ve been stuck in that stage for a year-and-a-half and have no intention of leaving it anytime soon. So, this is [a] fuck you to my ex and the person he found after me.” Despite the underlying meaning, the track is a pop-synth journey, winding through upbeat breaks and tongue-in-cheek-lyrics.

Sara Kays – “I’m Okay Though”

For fans of: Alexander 23, Caro, Ruth B.

Detailing the struggles she faces in her daily life, Sara Kays gets personal on the euphonious “I’m Okay Though.” The vocalist sings through her anxieties in front of a lone guitar before being joined by upbeat drums and eventually a dreamy break. “I’m Okay Though” is the final track on Kays’ debut EP, Camera Shy, out now.

Sincere Engineer – “Trust Me”

For fans of: Free Throw, Mom Jeans, Pictures Of Vernon

Marking their debut with Hopeless Records, pop-punk quartet Sincere Engineer shred through their latest anthem, “Trust Me.” Directed by singer Deanna Belos, the accompanying music video is a DIY journey through the suburbs as a bird passes letters between bandmates. Belos belts her vocals with defined grit, each word accented by powerful drum hits and catchy guitar riffs.

Stuck Out – “Mindless” (feat. Mikaila Delgado)

For fans of: Calling All Captains, Chase Your Words, Hungover

Stuck Out and Yours Truly’s Mikaila Delgado tackle social stigmas and wrongdoings with “Mindless.” Made during quarantine, the music video follows a doll and her robot counterpart as they navigate love and expectations. Although fast-paced and coated in bright guitar riffs, the pop-punk track has a serious meaning behind it. "This song is based around conversations I’ve had with people close to me regarding racism, sexism and a range of humanitarian issues,” vocalist Josh Walker says. “‘Mindless’ is about calling your friends out for their shitty comments and rebuking the excuses they use to justify the vitriol that comes out of their mouth.” The track will be featured on the band’s upcoming EP, Lie Through Your Teeth, out Dec. 18 via SharpTone Records. Preorders bundles are available here.

Sydney Sprague – “steve”

For fans of: Kacey Musgraves, Motherfolk, Charli Adams

Sydney Sprague dishes out pop-rock vibes with a country twang for “steve.” Inspired by ’90s pop, the singer leads the guitar-laden track through calm verses before jumping into a booming chorus and slick breaks. The inspiration for the track came from Sprague’s own frustration with her life and her journey to start over. “I was stuck in a dead-end job, surrounded by toxic friends and a failing relationship, living in an apartment I hated,” she says. “I wrote this song at my breaking point, when I was finally like, ‘Enough,’ and I cut all of the bad out of my life.” The track will be featured on Sprague’s next album, maybe i will see you at the end of the world, out Feb. 26 via Rude Records

Tai Verdes – “DRUGS”

For fans of: Post Malone, Tedy, Goody Grace

Aiming to be transparent in his music, Tai Verdes recounts his own experience with “DRUGS” with pop beats and bouncy rhythms. His previous solo debut “Stuck In The Middle” gained traction on TikTok, earning over 15 million streams to date. Much like his last release, “DRUGS” employs guitar picks and floating beats. Verdes’ vocals counter the backtrack with a light raspiness that perfectly complements the chillness of the track.

Vilify – “Habit”

For fans of: Every Time I Die, Glassjaw, Misery Signals 

For the first single off their upcoming EP, Vilify introduce themselves to the melodic hardcore scene with “Habit.” Cutting screams accompany haunting guitar riffs that make you feel as if you’re in a foggy dream. “‘Habit’ is a plea for strength to both loved ones and to ourselves,” the band say. “It’s about how life has so many beautiful moments and opportunities, but too many people, (including us, find themselves on a dark path of [a] destructive habit, which numb both the darkness and the light." The debut track will be included on the trio’s Clarity EP, out Dec. 4. 

Wayside – “Cherophobia”

For fans of: Storm The Sky, Sunsleep, Gleemer

Inspired by the likes of Title Fight and Superheaven, Wayside channel alt-rock and mix it with contemporary melodies for “Cherophobia.” Thomas Davenport delivers airy vocals tinged with grit while guitarist Josh Ehmer provides a smooth backbeat of sweet chords. The track is a wave of nostalgia that submerges the listener into an ocean of ’90s grunge.

Weston Estate – “Saturday Nights”

For fans of: Peach Tree Rascals, Myles Cameron, Huron John

Lo-fi quintet Weston Estate share their second single of the year with “Saturday Nights.” Hip-hop beats flow through the track accompanied by steady drums while deep basslines send you to relaxation. Focusing on the “pains of adolescence,” the track represents how the group have matured over the past year. “The original demo was made in Tanmay’s [Joshi, vocals] bedroom but was brought to life during our first real studio session,” they say. “That’s why we’re so excited to finally put this song out. It feels like it has grown and evolved alongside us as a band.”

Young Culture – “Hailey Beverly 2016”

For fans of: Youth Fountain, Calling All Captains, Driveways

The first track off their self-titled album, Young Culture’s “Hailey Beverly 2016” is an endearing look into young love. Guitars move lightly through the track while vocalist Alexander Magnan sings enchanting choruses and sweet falsettos. The track is featured on the band’s self-titled debut full-length, which is available now via Equal Vision Records.