Everyone loves to jam out to their favorite artists and classic hits, but let’s not forget about all the fresh talent constantly popping up around the world. From pop and indie to punk and post-hardcore, there’s always a new name in music waiting to be heard. 

We know there’s a lot of faces to sift through, so we’re here to help. Each month, we’re gathering the best new releases within the past four weeks from artists you may not know and are putting them all in one place. Check out what music you might have missed in September below and follow the AltPress Discover playlist on Spotify to stay up to date on new music. Who knows? You just may find your next favorite band. 

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A Light Divided – “Radio Silence”

For fans of: New Years Day, Starset, the Dirty Youth

A Light Divided are shouting through the “Radio Silence” to try to get back to those they’ve lost. Through earnest lyrics about lost connections, electric synths weave their way between heavy riffs and smashing drums. “‘Radio Silence’ is about the feeling of trying to break through the static and have your voice be heard," singer Jaycee Clark says. "Whether it be in a relationship or professionally or a million other situations, I think we’ve all experienced the frustration of feeling that disconnection.”

Alke – “Somebody Who”

For fans of: LANY, Pale Waves, the Japanese House

Alke fuse alt-pop and ’80s vibes to create an electric track filled with light synths in “Somebody Who.” Singer Kelsey Karrasch says the track is inspired by the time she was dating someone who wasn’t good for her, only she didn’t realize it. “I dated a guy once so hot, I almost didn’t notice how he never laughed at my jokes or how he rarely held my hand, that he clapped on one and three or was terrible at listening,” Karrasch shares. “Somebody Who” is available to listen on all streaming platforms

Another One Down! – “Stuck In The Wake”

For fans of: All Time Low, Neck Deep, Action/Adventure

Another One Down! share a catchy yet emotional track with “Stuck In The Wake.” The song is the band’s first release since 2019’s “Sulk” and features grooving drums and an intricate guitar solo. The lyrics follow vocalist Marcus Simonini’s thoughts as he reflects on a time when he watched a friend struggle in a toxic relationship. I see this trend constantly nowadays, and I don’t think it’s talked about enough,” Simonini says. “It’s extremely difficult to watch someone you care about get crushed over and over again and know that you can only help so much before it’s ultimately up to them to help themselves.” The band have plans to release more music this year ahead of their full-length debut in 2021.

Attic Salt – “Undiscovered”

For fans of: blink-182, the Menzingers, the Copyrights

Indie-rock/pop-rock quartet Attic Salt are making sure you know their name with “Undiscovered.” Upbeat guitars fill the space before singer/guitarist Andy Harmon joins in with his slick first verse. Smooth breaks separate each section, allowing for other members to have their time in the spotlight. “Undiscovered” is featured on Attic Salt’s latest record, Get Wise, available to purchase via Jump Start Records.

Ayron Jones – “Boys From The Puget Sound”

For fans of: Badflower, Palaye Royale, Blacktop Mojo 

Ayron Jones shells out dark guitar riffs between breathtaking soulful lyrics in his latest track from Big Machine/John Varvatos Records. “Boys From The Puget Sound” begins with a simple rhythm as Jones opens the track softly until its first hypnotic break. Featuring killer guitar solos, the track closes out with powerful, gritty vocals and wicked chords. The track will be featured on Jones’ forthcoming album. 

The Big Easy – “It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Hurt”

For fans of: Bartees Strange, Retirement Party, illuminati hotties

Lo-fi vocals are mixed with a punk backtrack in “It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Hurt” from indie outfit the Big Easy. Snappy chords and steady drums guide the track to a show-stopping ending containing a silvery guitar solo. The band embrace the spirit of live shows in the track’s music video as they play with joyful abandon. The song will be included on their debut album, A Long Year, out Oct. 23 via Forged Artifacts

Blame My Youth – “Fantastic”

For fans of: TWIN XL, Friday Pilots Club, Vinyl Theatre

After lending a hand to the Bill & Ted Face The Music soundtrack for “Right Where You Belong,” Sean Van Vleet (formerly of Empires with the Academy Is...’s Tom Conrad) makes his official debut as Blame My Youth with cheerful single, “Fantastic.” Combinations of grand choruses and subdued verses set the listener on a winding trek of feel-good bliss. With lyrics about not letting certain things get him down, Vleet says the track is a representation of his life and how he goes through it. “The first lines of the chorus hit my brain one morning like a mainline of coffee,” the singer says. “[It] got me out of bed feeling refreshed. ‘Fantastic’ set the tone for a lot of good days, even if I was feeling bad.”

Bleacher Days – “Icarus”

For fans of: Juice WRLD, Lil Peep, the Story So Far

Bleacher Days transition from pop punk to emo trap with their first single since 2017, “Icarus.” The track was written three years ago but was put on the backburner when the band deemed it didn’t fit their sound. Surrounded by synths and beats, sole remaining member Wren Mohammed delivers touching lines on depression and self-destruction. He finally felt it was time to release “Icarus” along with his new sound. I kept working with our producer and showed him the stuff that wasn't 'pop punk enough,' and he loved it,” Mohammed says. “I just kept recording songs, not knowing what would come next.” Bleacher Days are currently working on a full-length to be released later this year.

Cassidy King – “Safe Places”

For fans of: The Aces, Lauren Sanderson, Sasha Sloan

Cassidy King makes a statement on unfair relationships with the emotional “Safe Places.” Inspired by a poem King wrote when she was in a relationship with a girl who had a boyfriend, the track is a pop ballad infused with synth bursts and poignant lyrics. “To everyone in her world, I was just a friend because our love always had to be hidden,” she says. “The infatuation I craved by chasing a straight girl ended up turning into a love that tore me apart because I could never fully have her.” The accompanying music video illustrates King’s inner struggles during that time and pulls your heartstrings just as much as the song itself.

Dead Poet Society – “.intoodeep.”

For fans of: Badflower, Barns Courtney, SAINT PHNX

Driven by heavy guitar riffs and lead singer Jack Underkofler’s heart-stopping vocals, Dead Poet Society’s .intoodeep.” is an exploration of contrasting rock and alt-indie pulses. The track is the first single since their distortion-heavy track “.swvrm.” in 2019 and carries the same dark edge the band are known for but with a cleaner twist. Featuring intricate guitar breaks and winding pitches, the song is a surf through high waves of euphoria.

DE’WAYNE – “Radio-Active”

For fans of: Juice WRLD, Post Malone, Internet Money

As his second release with Hopeless Records following “National Anthem,” DE’WAYNE’s Radio-Active” is an electric composition charged with vibrant gang vocals and exhilarating synth accompaniments. For the musician, the track represents how far his career has come and how grateful he is to be able to experience it all. “I've been starving for a long time, and the opportunities ahead of me are all I need to take care of me and my people,” DE’WAYNE says. “Now, I'm on this warpath toward the place I really wanna be.”

Eva Under Fire – “Heroin(e)”

For fans of: Bad Seed Rising, Stitched Up Heart, Crashing Atlas

Touching on substance misuse and how others using it affected lead singer Amanda Lyberg growing up, Eva Under Fire shares an emotional story with “Heroin(e).” The track features hard-rock riffs and powerful vocals from Lyberg along with hard-hitting lyrics and propelling rhythms. Recorded with Matt Good (From First To Last, Asking Alexandria, blessthefall), “Heroin(e)” is featured on the Sno Babies soundtrack. Proceeds from every stream on the album will be donated to the Global Recovery Initiatives Foundation to assist those in early recovery from substance misuse disorders.

flowerkid – “miss andry”

For fans of: Matthew Nolan, bshp, La Acacia

flowerkid (Flynn Sant) gets personal with his moving second single, “miss andry.” The track delves into the 19-year-old’s feelings toward men and his “hatred and distrust” of them when growing up due to personal experiences and stories shared with him. Switching between soft verses and echoing choruses, the accompanying instrumentals weave through Sant’s words, highlighting the emotions behind his lyrics.

Francis Of Delirium – “Equality Song”

For fans of: Girl Friday, Diet Cig, Girlpool

Inspired by the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, Francis Of Delirium tear into the realities women face when it comes to assault and justice in “Equality Song.” With straightforward lyrics and dynamic riffs and rhythms, the duo’s message is quite clear. “The song was written mainly out of anger,” singer Jana Bahrich says. “At how absurd it is that sexual abuse is so normalized, and the systems that are in place just essentially shit on anyone that comes forward with their story.” The track is available to purchase via Bandcamp, and all proceeds will be donated to Femmes en Detresse—a Luxembourg domestic abuse charity that provides protection and therapy to women and children who are victims of violence.

The Haunt – “Constant”

For fans of: tiLLie, the Faim, Troi Irons  

Inspired by an ex from guitarist/vocalist Maxamillion Haunt’s high school days, the Haunt deliver wicked alt-pop vibes in “Constant.” Recorded with Matt Good, the duo mix dark beats with emotive vocals and industrial synths to create a rock ballad full of alluring progressions. The track will be featured on the band’s upcoming EP, Social Intercourse.

The Hunna – “Young & Faded”

For fans of: Sam Fender, Sunset Sons, Marsicans 

Inspired by how the older generations affect today’s youth, the Hunna aim to prove they shouldn’t be underestimated with “Young & Faded.” Cosmic choruses, mystical guitar riffs and striking drums all come together to form chords that resonate—all complemented by Ryan Potter’s enchanting vocals. “Young & Faded” will be included on the band’s next album, I’d Rather Die Than Let You In, out Oct. 2 and is available to preorder here.

Indii G. – “Secrets”

For fans of: jomie, Stay Inside, sadgods

After signing to Epitaph Records, rapper Indii G. is making his debut on the label with a love song that mixes trap beats with smooth rhythms in “Secrets.” Inspired by the likes of Juice WRLD and blackbear, the musician easily blends tender harmonies and sincere lyrics into a genre-melding track that will make you swoon. As the song closes, it fades into the recesses of your subconscious with an unexpected yet enthralling guitar solo that lingers even after the last note.

Iress – “Hand Tremor”

For fans of: Chevelle, Modern Color, Superheaven

Iress surround you with poignant ambiance and echoing vocals with “Hand Tremor.” The song is a flood of emotion and focuses on the battle between vulnerability and isolation. The track follows two other singles released this year, including “Nest” and “Underneath.” “Hand Tremor” was one of the first tracks written for their sophomore album, Flaw, which is available now here

Lesibu Grand – “WFS”

For fans of: Youth Man, Soul Glo, The Txlips Band

Lesibu Grand calls out the American government and how they’ve failed the people with “WFS.” While highlighting just how great our country is, edgy guitar riffs mix with the cheer-like lyrics that hide the anger beneath the words. “There were so many issues flaring up that we decided to address them all in a very direct way, as the best punk songs always do,” singer Tyler-Simone Molton says. “As we thought about the hot-button issues in America today—gun control/violence, housing, poverty, health care, voting rights and criminal justice—we realized that we, as a country, were not even trying to fix these problems and concluded that we can and should do a lot better.”

MISSIO – “Can You Feel The Sun”

For fans of: grandson, Matt Maeson, Bishop Briggs

Floating synths and dream-like echoes surround MISSIO in the relaxing, feel-good track “Can You Feel The Sun.” Accompanied by a music video filled with psychedelic 3D art, the track is half of a double-single drop alongside “Don’t Forget To Open Your Eyes.” The release coincides with the announcement of the band’s MISSIO MAFIA addition to their site, where the duo hope to provide a safe space for discussions about anxiety, depression and addiction. “Can You Feel The Sun” is the title track for the group’s upcoming LP, due out Oct. 23 via 2B Recordings/BMG

Mobley – “James Crow”

For fans of: Fitz And The Tantrums, Young The Giant, the Mowgli’s

Mobley combines dance-worthy grooves with memorable choruses in “James Crow.” Despite its uplifting, funky feel, the track has a serious undertone, taking on the issues citizens in the United States are currently facing. “I want to draw people in with that serotonin hit you get from a catchy, well-crafted song,” Mobley shares. “But once they’re in, I want to implicate them in all of the grim, unsightly realities of what’s going on in our country.” The sequel to his last release “Nobody’s Favourite,” the accompanying music video follows Mobley and his partner as they try to escape a mansion owned by a secret society. The track is the second single off the singer’s upcoming EP, Young & Dying In The Occident Supreme

Morgan Saint – “KEEP ON HANGING ON”

For fans of: Halsey, Baby Queen, the Aces 

Morgan Saint gets animated in her accompanying music video for “KEEP ON HANGING ON.” The song features Saint’s airy vocals paired with pop beats and synths along with lyrics focusing on unrequited love. The visual follows her journey from the desert to a dystopian city ruled by rebellion. The track is featured on the singer’s latest EP, HELP, available now via Epic Records.

Mylo Quinn – “Down” (feat. GLMR and Lonny Eagleton)

For fans of: Juice WRLD, nothing,nowhere., august brodie

Featuring Black Veil Brides guitarist Lonny Eagleton and alt-pop singer GLMR, Mylo Quinn (Quinn McGraw, Living Machines) breaks away from metal into emo trap with “Down.” Unending synths back the two vocalists through their respective verses until Eagleton comes in with a mesmerizing guitar solo. The track is Quinn’s first original release after his cover of Jessie Reyez’s “Figures” earlier this year.

Noah Cunane – “Vampire”

For fans of: Jutes, GOLDN, Anthony Russo

Inspired by those who love to party till sunrise, Noah Cunane combines hip-hop grooves with punk moods in “Vampire.” “When I was living in NYC, I was stuck in the club scene partying all the time and sleeping all day,” Cunane says. “It was one of the best times of my life, but it definitely catches up to you.” The two-minute track features bouncy rhythms accompanied by a gentle guitar playing lightly in the background. An anthem perfect for an evening of adventure, “Vampire” will surely get you up and dancing. 

The OBGMs – “Outsah”

For fans of: Pleasure Venom, Pure Hell, Big Joanie

A statement that they’re unafraid of confrontation and a fight, the OBGMs“Outsah” is a fast-paced piece overflowing with lo-fi vocals and temperamental beats. Light bongos accent various sections of the two-minute piece, adding a sweet flavor to a track otherwise encompassed in grit. The song is set to be featured on The Ends, which drops Oct. 30 via Black Box Music.

Old News – “Heads Like Projectors”

For fans of: Swordfish, Modern Color, Pictures Of Vernon

Math-rock outfit Old News are sharing the leading track off their upcoming debut, Self-Acceptance Speech, which was mastered by John Naclerio (Microwave, Real Friends, My Chemical Romance). “Heads Like Projectors” is a culmination of soft moments and a sprinkle of self-deprecation. Inspired by drastic changes in each of the member’s lives, the song features emo lyrics mixed with punk beats, slick guitar licks and ripping screams. “I was grappling with some difficult transitions,” lead vocalist Beau Harris says. “Moving to a new city, navigating a 20-something identity crisis—while the band was going through a lot of similar changes.”

renforshort – “nostalgic (luvsick)”

For fans of: Carlie Hanson, WENS, bülow

renforshort’s (Lauren Isenberg) “nostalgic (luvsick)” features pop-rock riffs and glittering melodies. Inspired by the main character of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Isenberg reminisces of past experiences and high school days when everyone was “lovesick.” Grunge-like guitar riffs and thundering breaks give the track a sweet alt edge good enough to take you back to your angst-filled days. 

Reside – “Fallen”

For fans of: Eat Your Heart Out, Tapestry, Movements

Exploring unrequited love and relationship breakdowns, Reside deliver a dynamic emo-punk performance with “Fallen.” Featuring tight riffs, haunting harmonies and a dreamy bridge, the track is an emotional trip through heartbreak and pain. “Fallen” is the band’s first release since dropping their second EP, The Light That You Saw, last year. 

ROT – “Daggers”

For fans of: August Burns Red, Asking Alexandria, Parkway Drive

Hardcore five-piece ROT dish out deadly screams and aggressive guitar riffs in the final track of their debut LP, As One. “Daggers” is quick-paced, unrelenting and gritty. With a brief slow-down at the bridge, the band show off their pulsing bassline and finish the track on a loud note. Speaking on their music’s meaning, vocalist Arrold Walton says the band focus on pressing issues in society. “Turn off the fucking TV,” he says. “Know that now more than ever is the time to make a change that will help the world unite.”…As One is available to stream via War Against Records

The Sonder Bombs – “What Are Friends For?”

For fans of: Heart Attack Man, Snarls, Future Teens

The Sonder Bombs ask “What Are Friends For?” in the upbeat leading track of their upcoming album. Occasionally accented by a sweet ukelele, the song’s bouncy rhythms mingle nicely with fast-paced drums and resounding crescendos. Produced by Joe Reinhart (Modern Baseball, Diet Cig, Joyce Manor), the group blend punk with happy-go-lucky pop grooves, creating an anthemic tune suitable for those moments where you have an unrelenting need to dance.

Souvenirs – “Be Sweet”

For fans of: Turnover, Free Throw, Oso Oso

Written after an argument lead singer Tim Riley had with his wife, Souvenirs’ “Be Sweet” is for those who sometimes need a reminder to be nice to the ones they love. Shoegaze vibes surround the vocals in a light fog while glowing guitar chords drip through the melodies. The track will be featured on the band’s upcoming release, Love For The Lack Of It, out Oct. 23. Preorders for the LP are available via Other People Records.


For fans of: Doll Skin, Skating Polly, Starcrawler

Glam-punk quartet STARBENDERS deliver a haunting ballad adorned in echoing vocals and chords filled with longing in “Push.” Taken from the band’s latest LP, Love Potions, the track’s dreamlike atmosphere will put you into a relaxing trance as it floats through your mind. The accompanying video depicts an extreme version of our current world in the time of the coronavirus pandemic. "In a world where human contact is forbidden, love is our rebellion,” bassist Aaron Lecesne says. “It's like the monster under the bed, or in the closet, or on TV. It might not be real, but it could be."

Superlove – “THINK ABT U”

For fans of: ROAM, Dream State, Stand Atlantic

If you’re looking for a pop track with heavy breakdowns, Superlove’s “THINK ABT U” will satisfy that need. The song starts with a post-hardcore break before taking a sharp left turn into a brilliant verse and chorus. As the pattern continues through the track, the riffs don’t overpower the cheery vocals and cosmic harmonies. “THINK ABT U” is set to be featured on the band’s upcoming EP, which drops later this year via Rude Records.

Troi Irons – “Just Wanna”

For fans of: LUNA AURA, Clover The Girl, Roses & Revolutions

Fully produced, written and performed by Troi Irons, “Just Wanna” encompasses the singer’s passion for not only living but surviving. Troi Irons’ voice gently brushes through the first verse before splattering the chorus in belts and the occasional scream, only calming down at the bridge for a serene break. The track is included on the singer’s latest LP, flowers, the album, which is available to stream here.

Valley – “hiccup”

 For fans of: Vacation Manor, the Ivy, joan

Valley are sharing their “truth on heartbreak” with the pop-infused “hiccup.” Various time changes throughout the track allow for a plethora of rhythms, which the band transition between smoothly with the help of glowing synths. Though written after the end of a relationship, the song isn’t meant to be your typical breakup song. “The word ‘hiccup’ felt like the right way to title the feeling of a breakup visually without being too obvious,” the band say. “Hiccups are like little texts your mind receives with attachments of photos, memories and locations, where there's no Do Not Disturb button to help process losing someone.” 

VantaVoid – “Burn” (feat. Frankie Palmeri)

For fans of: Hatebreed, Mastodon, Like Moths To Flames

Composed of CrankThatFrank (Frank Gioia) and Makeout guitarist Tyler Young, VantaVoid tear it up in this blistering track. “[‘Burn’] is a song about destroying everything I love and hate,” Gioia says. “It comes from a very self-destructive time in my life where I didn’t want to channel my anger into anything but destroying every bridge I ever built.” Featuring Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri, the track is filled with high-speed riffs and enough fiery roars to unleash your own anger in the process.

Waxflower – “Getting Better”

For fans of: The Maine, Go Radio, We The Kings

Australian pop-punk quartet Waxflower share heart-wrenching lyrics and soft melodies with “Getting Better.” The track was inspired by a dark time in lead vocalist Tristan Higginson’s life after he experienced a severe panic attack and saw how it affected those he cared about. “The song catalogs that period and its aftermath, the breakdown of a relationship,” Higginson explains. “It helped me to explore the roots of my feelings at the time and work toward accepting the outcome was for the best of everyone involved.”

We Set Signals – “Aurora”

For fans of: Famous Last Words, Abandoned By Bears, Bad Omens

Australian post-hardcore five-piece We Set Signals unleash heavy guitars and thundering roars in “Aurora.” Driven by incisive drums, the track serves as a reflection of a dark time in lead vocalist Nick Wilkinson’s life. “I became reckless and dissociative and started pushing everyone in my life away,” he says. “I felt like my world was burning down around me, and I couldn’t do anything to put it out." “Aurora” is included on the group’s latest release, ORDO, which is available to stream here 

We The Commas – “Pissed Off”

For fans of: Paper Jackets, Kids America, Gunnar Gehl 

We The Commas diverge from their typical surf sound and venture into rock territory with “Pissed Off.” Unlike their previous releases where they took a more mellow pop approach, the trio use edgier guitar riffs and drums to convey the frustrations of being a confused college student. “I had no idea what I wanted to do in life. I changed my major four times, and I felt aimless,” Lenny Comma says. “I finally had enough and had to get my anger out because I was tired of feeling like a failure, and I felt like no one understood me.” The three brothers drop their genre-spanning debut EP, SARB, later this fall.

Zaia – “WINGZ”

For fans of: Mac Miller, Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean

Zaia works to reearn his “WINGZ” in the latest music video from his new EP, VERY ALONE. The track opens softly with a single guitar before the rapper joins in, singing through the chorus before delivering the captivating first verse. In the track’s striking imagery, Zaia finds himself with clipped and bloodied wings. He wanders through a house, meeting up with others who also had unfortunate ends. Zaia’s VERY ALONE EP is available to stream via Not Fit For Society/Arista Records.