Patrick Stump is the chameleon of the music world—his soulful tones fit in with pretty much every genre. Luckily for us, hes spent his years alongside fronting Fall Out Boy proving just that, collaborating with artists across the spectrum and making some pretty unforgettable tracks in the process.

In the spirit of celebration for Stumps birthday, we’ve delved through his portfolio and pulled together 10 highlights of these team efforts both famous and lesser known. Earworms ahoy!

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1. Gym Class Heroes – “Clothes Off!!"

Picking just one of Stump’s legendary collaborations with Gym Class Heroes is a challenge in itself, but “Clothes Off!!” comes out victorious. Sampling the Jermaine Stewart classic for Stump’s contributions, there was a time when this infectious matchup was on everybody’s MP3 players regardless of subculture. In case you were wondering, the original lyrics and song title are “we don’t have to take our clothes off,” but that definitely doesn’t fit Gym Class Heroes’ vibe here. Believe it or not, this song is 14 years old now. Feel old yet?

2. Lil Peep and ILoveMakonnen – “I’ve Been Waiting” feat. Fall Out Boy

Following Lil Peep’s death in 2017, FOB’s Pete Wentz reached out to ILoveMakonnen to offer his condolences, a conversation which would lead to the lovesick anthem “I’ve Been Waiting.” Peep and ILoveMakonnen had often expressed their love for Fall Out Boy, and that dream collab came true last year, albeit posthumously for the emo rapper. Fall Out Boy’s contributions to the catchy track brought a rockier, melodic vibe to Peep’s legacy, whereas Stump’s vocals add another level of emotional depth to an already touching song that had been in the works between the two rappers since 2017.

3. New Found Glory – “King Of Wishful Thinking”

Contagious anthem “King Of Wishful Thinking” is the cover pop-punk fans didn’t expect to fall in love with. New Found Glory’s second album of iconic movie soundtrack covers, From The Screen To Your Stereo Part II, tackled the 1990 Go West classic with their signature guitar trickery and Stump’s traditional evocative notes thrown into the mix. The pop-punk conglomeration made this timeless hit from Pretty Woman their own way back in 2007. We’d love another chance to hear this matchup again someday.

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4. MAN WITH A MISSION – “86 Missed Calls”

If you like your stage outfit visuals from Folie À Deux, your addictive rhythms from American Beauty/American Psycho and your air-punching singalongs from Infinity On High, “86 Missed Calls” is the Fall Out Boy extension for you. Last year, Stump tagged along with wolf mask-wearing Japanese rock outfit MAN WITH A MISSION to forge a dual-purpose floor filler and headbanger that pulls together all the most infectious aspects of their two genres combined with Stump’s trademark chops.

5. Motion City Soundtrack – “Everything Is Alright”

The epitome of singalong emo alliances hit the scene in 2005 with Motion City Soundtrack’s “Everything Is Alright,” featuring Stump’s backing vocals and harmonizing throughout. Produced by none other than blink-182’s Mark Hoppus, this anxious ode to MCS frontman Justin Pierre’s obsessive compulsive disorder was recorded around the same time as Fall Out Boy’s From Under The Cork Tree and shares its riff-driven energy. A staple in MCS’ live sets since their reunion at the tail end of last year, this iconic track is one of Stump’s catchiest collaborations to date.

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6. XV – “The Last Hero”

To some degree a neat precursor to Save Rock And Roll-era Fall Out Boy via “The Mighty Fall,” Stump’s soulful interactions throughout Kansas rapper XV’s “The Last Hero” from 2011 set the scene for Stump’s debut solo album, Soul Punk, later in the year. The melodic glue holding together the reflective track, this addition to Stump’s portfolio heralded a shift change in his vocal aspirations and eased fans into FOB’s upcoming tempo change when they returned from hiatus two years later.

7. The Cab – “One Of THOSE Nights”

Stump wrote and performed with the Cab on numerous tracks from 2008’s Whisper War, but “One Of THOSE Nights” is the most noticeable, joining in for a chorus as well as providing backing to most lines throughout. Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie drops in on vocals, too, with members of Panic! and Fall Out Boy stepping in for the music video for the Cab’s most underrated track. This prolific conglomeration gave us all the angst we could ask for in the golden age of emo.

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8. Martin Garrix– “Summer Days” feat. Macklemore

With an eventless summer ahead of us, we need reminding of a time when the hottest season didn’t come complete with an extended quarantine and a lack of gigs to keep us sane. Stump’s tones command this sunny groove released last year, an unexpected collab that would fit in perfectly with the rest of Fall Out Boy’s MANIA. Armed with an earworm of a chorus you’ll need a few days to shake off, we certainly wouldn’t complain if our Uber driver was Stump as in the music video for this matchup.

9. Cobra Starship – “Guilty Pleasure”

Cast your mind back to the height of the scene in 2007, when the lucrative pairing between Stump and Gabe Saporta-fronted Cobra Starship conjured the album ¡Viva La Cobra!, for which Stump stepped up on production as well as providing his trademark flair throughout. The melodic anthem “Guilty Pleasure” shows off this emo-pop collab at its most infectious, sprinkled with Stump’s harmonizing style. A year later, Saporta would return the favor by teaming up with Fall Out Boy on “What A Catch, Donnie,” contributing “Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy” lyrics to the iconic flashback segment.

10. Weekend Nachos – “Jock Powerviolence”

The heaviest and undoubtedly the angriest we’ve ever heard Stump on record, this unexpected collab with Illinois savages Weekend Nachos shows a whole new confrontational side to FOB’s frontman that we can’t help but love. Released right in the middle of Fall Out Boy’s hiatus, and as guttural and vicious as its title suggests, this track only lasts just over a minute, but it packs a lot of fist-shaking-in-your-face energy into its criminally short runtime.