2019 was the year of Poppy, and she hasn’t even gotten started yet. The YouTuber-turned-musician has been exploring the metal genre, with both an upcoming album, I Disagree, and a tour set to arrive at the beginning of 2020.

She’s had quite a few iconic moments throughout her career, especially this year as she gains more notoriety as a metal artist. 

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Poppy‘s third album, I Disagree, will be released tomorrow, with preorders here. To celebrate, we decided to take a walk down memory lane and highlight the artist’s most metal moments. You can see those down below. 

1. When she killed pop music 

Last January, Poppy started quite the debate when she tweeted (and deleted) that pop music was dead. This was when she really began to transition into a more metal sound, but it was definitely bold at the time considering she was regarded as a pop artist. 

2. When she collaborated with FEVER 333

In May of last year, Poppy and FEVER 333 dropped “Scary Mask” after teasing fans relentlessly about it. The song mixes two vastly different genres together in a chilling yet high-energy pop-rock track. It also showed that Poppy not only was into metal as a genre but had an interest in other artists in the scene as well. 

3. When she went to Disneyland with Marilyn Manson 

In December 2018, the artist went to Disneyland with Marilyn Manson, which was the most epic surprise ever. The two are apparently close friends, which is just so shocking that it works. 

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4. When she went on tour with Bring Me The Horizon and Sleeping With Sirens

This past fall, Poppy joined Bring Me The Horizon and Sleeping With Sirens for a U.S. run deemed the Threesome tour that had the lineup of our dreams. While performing at the shows, Poppy gave fans a taste of what I Disagree will sound like. 

5. When she dropped her first official metal track

Poppy began the transition to heavy metal domination with Grimes collab “Play Destory” in late 2018. Continuing with that sonic shift across a few more singles, the artist then dropped “Concrete” as the first song off I Disagree. It was dark and gritty, and it definitely gave us a taste of her new vibe. She also signed with Sumerian Records the same day. 

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6. When she set fire to the music industry

Poppy dropped “I Disagree,” the title track from the upcoming album, and gave us an explosive video to go along with it. In the video, Poppy is pressured by music executives to do things she doesn’t agree with. She lets out her grievances and starts jamming out in a conference room filled with bored-looking professionals. 

7. When she was featured on the WWE soundtrack

Poppy’s track “Metal” was featured on WWE 2K20 alongside BMTH, Machine Gun Kelly, grandson and more, which dropped in October. That same month, she performed two songs live on WWE‘s NXT, “I Disagree” and “Scary Mask.” 

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8. When she announced her I Disagree tour

To go along with her upcoming album release, Poppy will embark on a tour in late January in San Francisco. The dates run through February, just prior to a previously announced U.K./Europe tour in March.

9. When she revealed an upcoming horror movie

While speaking on Bloody Disgusting’s The Boo Crew podcast, the artist revealed she’s working on an original horror movie. When asked if she would like to star in it, the musician simply replied, “Yeah” and hinted toward it being about the character she has developed through her music career.

10. When she referenced some dark movies in her “Fill The Crown” video

Last month, Poppy dropped the fourth genre-spanning single from I Disagree, “Fill The Crown.” The video for the track is filled with numerous allusions, ultimately paying tribute to the 1957 film classic The Seventh Seal with Poppy’s sci-fi flair.