Being a parent with a normal job is hard. Now imagine being on the road much of the year and still tackling the responsibilities of having a family. Many musicians balance their crazy work schedule with family hangouts and, of course, changing diapers. So we've compiled a handful of rock star parents who have the talent to juggle several duties and make it look easy.

We also want to congratulate all the new parents in the scene and the music industry as a whole, and we wish you the best of luck and nothing but happiness with your new family. As you all adapt to your hectic schedules, here are some of our all-time favorite rock star parents, from Frank Iero to LIGHTS

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Travis Clark

Travis Clark, lead singer of We The Kings, is one of the happiest fathers in the world. He and his wife, Jenny Robinson, are parents to three beautiful girls: Kinsley, Kya and Kali. Clark is vocal about how tough it is to travel without his family and how much he misses them on the road. When he’s home, though, he loves making vlogs, posts about his family and even teaches his daughters about music.

Frank Iero


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Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance, Leathermouth, Frank Iero And The Future Violents) is another rock star parent with three children—Cherry, Lily and Miles—with his wife, Jamia Nestor. He even featured his two twin daughters in the music video for his song “B.F.F.” The original announcement accompanying the song explained that all proceeds would go toward the twins’ and brother Miles’ college funds, which clearly makes Iero the best dad ever.

Tyler Joseph


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twenty one pilotsTyler Joseph and his wife, Jenna, finally welcomed their daughter Rosie Robert Joseph into the world Feb. 9. Leading up to his daughter’s birth, Joseph was helping build the nursery and prepping for her arrival. We know this pair will be fabulous parents regardless of how much sleep they do or don’t get for the next couple of years.

Pat Kirch


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Pat Kirch, drummer for the Maine, and his wife, Shacara Nemetz, welcomed their daughter Charlotte Rose Kirch into the world Feb. 29. That’s right: They had a leap day baby. Following a newborn photo shoot, Kirch shared a few pictures, saying, “There is unlimited love out there. So happy to have these two. Been spending the last few days appreciating how great of a mother @shacara_nemetz is. Charlotte is lucky.” 

Pete Wentz


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Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz is a rock star parent of three cuties. He co-parents son Bronx with his ex-wife, Ashlee Simpson, and he’s the father to Marvel and Saint with his longtime girlfriend, Meagan Camper. Parenting three kiddos isn’t easy, but Wentz is one of the most Hella Mega sweetest dads and bassists ever. 

Geoff Wigington

Geoff Wigington of Waterparks and his girlfriend, Chloe Kristensen, welcomed their daughter Rory in April 2018. Since then, he’s been busy on the road and with raising a gorgeous baby girl. Wigington surprised fans with the announcement in July 2018. And even though the band have a crazy touring schedule, the guitarist comes home as often as he can to play with his child and even brings her on the tour bus when he can. 

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly is the father to 11-year-old Casie Colson Baker. He loves taking her on tour and introducing her to his famous friends, including Trippie Redd, Pete Davidson and YUNGBLUD. Casie even appeared on MGK’s Hotel Diablo (“FLOOR 13”) and has joined the musician on stage throughout the years.



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Aside from being a cat mom, LIGHTS and her husband, Beau Bokan of Blessthefall, are both rock star parents to their daughter Rocket Wild Bokan. She’s now 6 years old and loves having photo shoots with her mom. For a short time, Rocket even had her own Instagram. In 2019, Rocket created a shirt for charity and collaborated with Emo Nite LA to help families and others seeking asylum. 

Dan Pawlovich


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 Dan Pawlovich, drummer for Panic! At The Disco, and his wife, Maya Tuttle, welcomed a baby girl, Reiko Jo, into the world Feb. 25. As soon as she was born, she was decked out in only the finest baby threads: a P!ATD-themed onesie. Little Reiko donned the band’s triangle logo. But instead of an exclamation point at the center of the logo, there’s a baby bottle. Congrats to these new parents and their beautiful daughter. We have high hopes for you!

Jason Aalon Butler

Former singer of letlive. and current frontman of FEVER 333 Jason Aalon Butler is very close to his son, Pascal. It was surely rewarding for Butler to bring his son on tour for the 2-year-old’s birthday. “Having Pascal with me on parts of this tour and especially on his birthday this past weekend was incredibly special, and although he may not remember this moment in time, he made it clear to me that he felt it now. This is something I will remember and cherish until the day I die. I love you so much, son,” he wrote in a post. What a sweet birthday gift! Butler and his wife, Gin Wigmore, had their second son, Izaiah, in March.