What were you doing 15 years ago? Updating your Myspace page? Giving yourself tinnitus at top volume? (This writer is definitely projecting.) It's just a hunch, but maybe you found a way to get over the nu-metal hangover that was seemingly inescapable earlier this century. If you forgot what tributary life took you down back then, no worries. This APTV rundown of 2005 scene albums might refresh you memory.

As we remember, it was pretty damned fine (even if it was the gap year between My Chemical Romance albums). Our list of 2005 scene albums is stylistically all over the place. Metalcore on Broadway! The poppiest of punk! Neurotic pop geniuses damaged by Pixies and the Rentals! We know some of these lyrics may have ended up as sig files on AIM away messages. It was a good time.

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Naturally, this list has its nuances. There are several debut albums from bands that would go on to galvanize the scene and achieve genuine star status. And there are staples who never made it toward household-name recognition, but always played to tightly packed crowds daily at Warped Tour. A few enduring records made by veteran rockers made it. And yes, a couple are made by bands that have remained frozen in that year's amber. When it comes to wattage, these 2005 scene albums were as glaring as prison searchlights or as small and focused as a jar full of lightning bugs. But they're all great.

In retrospect, these 2005 scene albums portended this community's future. Sensing nu-metal's diminishing financial returns, major labels saw the potential sea change. Some lifers were comfortable where they were (even if they did have to pick up an extra bar shift). Sometimes band members who had better facial bone structure than songwriting skills got lucky. But if you were a fan, you felt alive. This list is for everyone who preferred Dickies over JNCOs and wounded vocals over Cookie Monster growling. Until we perfect the time machine, enjoy the video.