Spider-Man actor Tom Holland has been capturing the hearts of Marvel fans since his debut appearance in Captain America: Civil War. Being cast as the third live-action Peter Parker was no easy task. Holland walked into an abundance of criticism and expectations. Many believe Tobey Maguire made a great Parker and Andrew Garfield made a wonderful Spider-Man. But Holland has seamlessly combined both efforts from previous actors to become the total superhero package.

Here are 10 reasons why Holland is easily the best Spider-Man ever.

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1. He’s responsible for bringing Disney and Sony back to the negotiating table

After news broke that Spider-Man would be leaving the MCU due to Disney and Sony’s inability to reach an agreement, fans were devastated. Enter Holland, who took his superhero powers offscreen, making multiple appeals to Disney CEO Bob Iger and Sony chairman Tom Rothman to reach a resolution. His efforts paid off, bringing the two studios back to the negotiating table and in turn, working out a deal to keep Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe. 

2. He’s a fresh take on a classic character

Despite being the third live-action Peter Parker, Holland gives the character a much-needed refresher. He brings an interpretation that feels entirely new, allowing him to hit the ground running in the MCU.

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3. He embodies both Peter Parker and Spider-Man

Yielding the athleticism of Spider-Man and the adorable immaturity of Peter Parker, Holland embodies both sides of the role in a way that Garfield and Maguire failed to do. Yes, Garfield made a good Spider-Man, and Maguire pulled off a decent Parker, but neither of these actors were able to bring both sides of the character to life the way Holland has. 

4. His passion for the role is unparalleled 

Having been a longtime fan of the Spider-Man character, Holland has discussed how he used to go to the theater with his friends to watch all the latest Marvel movies. From die-hard fan to friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Holland brings a distinct passion to the role that’s simply unparalleled. How many actors would go up to bat against some of the most powerful people in the film industry to get the fans what they wanted?

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5. Parker and Holland both make mistakes

Holland and Parker’s ability to mess things up is definitely not a bad thing, especially when it shows how much he has in common with the role he’s playing. Parker is a nerdy, shy and awkward teen who often finds himself mucking up a situation, much how Holland has become known as Spoiler-Man for his inability to keep quiet regarding major plot points in forthcoming films. 

6. He looks the part

There were some who were concerned when Disney cast such a young actor for a major role. However, Holland’s youthfulness was the perfect match for the part of an awkward high school kid. That’s why it was so easy for him to go undercover in an American high school to study for the part.

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7. He doesn’t overact

There’s nothing more cringy than someone who takes their role a little too far. Holland is able to capture the goofy and cheesy aspect of Peter Parker without going overboard and making it hard to watch. When it comes to acting, Holland knows what he’s doing.

8. He takes the role seriously 

It’s no surprise that Holland has worked hard for this role. The British actor even went above and beyond in making sure his Queens accent was nailed to perfection. Even fellow Marvel actor Robert Downey Jr. has praised him for his spot-on accent, which Holland frequently practiced—even in the shower.

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9. He’s relatable 

There’s something about being able to find similarities between you and a character that only strengthens your love for them. Holland is down to earth, humble, quirky, fun and just downright relatable. Whether he’s going through girl problems onscreen or being a lovable dork through an interview offscreen, Holland has qualities we all can connect with.

10. He has chemistry both on and offscreen with his fellow castmates 

Parker’s heartwarming relationship with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is just one of many MCU interactions Holland gets to portray within the films. He has phenomenal onscreen chemistry with his fellow castmates, which seamlessly transitions to his relationships with them offscreen. He’s really seemed to hit it off with Doctor Strange actor Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s often been buddied up with Holland during interviews to keep him from spilling a secret or two.