The Best Surf Rock Bands Around Today

It wasn’t long after the invention of rock ’n’ roll that artists started making their own styles of rock, including the reverb-heavy surf rock, made most popular by Dick Dale and later, the Beach Boys.

Although the Beach Boys are one of the most well-known surf bands around, here are 10  modern surfer rock bands proving that this brand of rock is still very much alive.

1. *repeat repeat

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*repeat repeat
keep things light and vibrant with their usage of keys and upbeat tempos. The duo mix contemporary pop and heavy chords to form a unique sound, revamping the surf genre and making it their own.

2. SadGirl

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Drenched in reverb, SadGirl take elements from early ’50s rock ’n’ roll and mix them with a light swing influence from the ’60s. The band also take notes from an assortment of artists such as early rocker Buddy Holly to glam rock’s David Bowie. All of this together creates a sound like no other, reminiscent of the past while staying true to the latest music trends.

3. Babewatch

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Babewatch are high in energy and just plain fun. Smooth vocals and classic surf riffs are enough to have anybody dancing on the beach or even soaking in the sunlight on the sand.

4. The Frights

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Like any genre of music, there’s plenty of subgenres to go with it. The Frights are definitely more punk-leaning, as the band combines garage rock and surf seamlessly. Though quite heavy, the guitars and drums never become overwhelming, and the vocals are as slick as ice.

5. La Luz

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Using mellow riffs and delicate drums, La Luz keep the integrity of an early surf-rock sound but with an added edge. All members are singers in the all-female band, allowing for multiple-part harmonies that’ll hit your sweet spot. Those vocals paired with guitar reverb and lithe basslines make for an edgier sound, giving it a dark twist.

6. The Growlers

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Self-dubbed “beach goth,” the Growlers combine pop with gritty melodies and quick tempos. The doo-wop style vocals give a lighthearted impression of the tracks, which is balanced out by dark lyrical undertones.

7. Dead Coast

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You don’t need to live on the West Coast to produce a good surf-rock sound. U.K. natives Dead Coast took inspiration from jazz, blues and, of course, surf to produce music unique to the genre. The band includes just a touch of psychedelia, taking the listener on a trip to another world, one engulfed in bright colors.

8. Surf Curse

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Comprising drummer/vocalist Nick Rattigan and guitarist/vocalist Jacob Rubeck, Surf Curse produce lo-fi, sandy tunes fitting for some deep relaxation on the coast. The duo keeps it simple and raw, letting the music speak for itself as listeners are captured in a sense of ’60s nostalgia with the punk guitar playing in the background.

9. Peach Pit

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Bringing together bubblegum pop and sunshiny vibes, Peach Pit put the “rock” in surf rock. The Canadian quartet has been together since 2016, releasing their debut (and so far only) album, Being So Normal, two years later. Dreamy vocals and intricate riffs give this band that rock feel, but the surf sensation is still there as a light sprinkling on the edge.

10. FUR

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Presenting a more alternative feel to the table, FUR will have you time traveling to the ’60s. Whether you’re seeing them in real life decked out in vintage wear or listening to their latest self-titled EP in the comfort of your bed, the soft strings of their guitars will ring in your ears accompanied by syrupy-sweet vocals.

Did We Miss Your Favorite Surfer Rock Bands?

Thanks to these modern surf rock bands, the genre is still very much alive, well and riding the airwaves today. Which surf-rock bands do you like to jam to? Let us know in the comments below!