The majority of people have been spending most of their days at home practicing social distancing to prevent the spread of coronavirus, including our favorite artists. We’ve all been feeling the pain of missing our loved ones and activities we used to enjoy doing on a regular basis. 

However, all we can do is laugh and wait for this to blow over. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of hilarious tweets about social distancing to keep us entertained by some of our favorite artists. 

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To find humor in this, we’ve rounded up 10 of the most relatable tweets from artists about what it’s like to be stuck at home. Check those out below. 

1. When Awsten Knight named the big pile of lint from his dryer

The loneliness is making us find friends in strange places too, Awsten. And honestly, in comparison to his other tweets before the outbreak, this is pretty on brand for the Waterparks frontman. 

2. When Mark Hoppus revealed he has a steady rotation of sweatpants going

What else are you supposed to be wearing at home? Also, finding a new pair of sweats in these times is like hitting the jackpot, so we understand the excitement. 

3. When grandson also commented about his quarantine pants 

grandson is right—he’s a monster for this. We’re definitely more on Hoppus’ wavelength with our wardrobe than this. Honestly, our skinny jeans probably wondered what happened to us.

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4. When Papa Roach were feeling the pain about barbers and salons being closed

There’s no way that hairdos as sick as this can be maintained in a pandemic, so we get the pain. The first person we’re calling when everything opens is our hair stylist because we’ll be long overdue for a cut. 

5. When Alex Gaskarth was sick of missing normal life

Alex Gaskarth has a point. We’re sick of missing spending time with our friends and panicking when going to the store. We want to go back to being angsty little emos mad at the world. 

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6. When everyone watched Tiger King on Netflix to pass the time, including Hayley Williams

We loved when the Paramore vocalist decided to update her followers that she was going back to binge-watching the outrageous show after posting a video of herself performing a few songs. Seriously, Netflix’s Tiger King was the most exciting thing that happened in our houses since this whole thing started. 

7. When everyone was playing Animal Crossing, including Kellin Quinn

Honestly, Animal Crossing couldn’t have come out at a better time. Everybody’s playing it, including Kellin Quinn who’s also apparently streaming it as well. 

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8. When Remington Leith of Palaye Royale didn’t know what day it was either

Time is an illusion when all of the days start to blend together. Also, we’ve definitely asked ourselves all three of these questions on a semi-regular basis while in quarantine. 

9. When Fronz finally started a TikTok

Our screen time reports are atrocious right now, but we’re definitely not alone. Attila’s Fronz just started a TikTok and he continues to put out quality content (sometimes without even meaning to).

10. When YUNGBLUD spent his time on Club Penguin

YUNGBLUD is using his time to play the throwback game, and we’re dying to find his igloo immediately. If you weren’t lucky enough to snag Animal Crossing, he has the right idea.