Eating out as a vegetarian or vegan used to absolutely suck before restaurants started wising up and offering more options. Your choices boiled down to fries, a salad or at best a dry and unappetizing veggie burger, but ever since the invention of Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods products, it’s gotten a whole lot better.

Whether you’re vegan or not, there’s plenty to pick from if you want to choose a healthier food option while you’re out on the road. Below are 10 of the best fast-food places to eat at while on the road as a vegan. 

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1. Taco Bell

Taco Bell has long been the saving grace of vegans. Since they have refried beans in a number of their items, anything with meat in it can be easily customized to be vegan by simply swapping the protein choice and eliminating any dairy items. The company has even been pushing this information out to the public by making customers aware they can have simple vegan alternatives to just about everything on the menu. 

2. A&W

Best known for their delicious root beer, A&W expanded into the Beyond Meat market a couple of years back in Canada and became one of the best spots for vegans to hit up. For the time being, Americans are going to have to head north of the border to enjoy the Beyond Meat burger, although the company’s considering introducing it to their U.S. menus. 

3. Burger King

Whoppers are one of the most classic burgers in the fast-food market, so why not make a vegan option? Burger King introduced the Impossible Whopper across the U.S. last year, and if you’re looking for a great meal in a snap, there aren’t many better options than hitting that drive-thru for a burger that bleeds just like a meat burger without any of the animal cruelty. 

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4. Del Taco

Mexican food is pretty easy to make vegan, but Del Taco goes a step above most by offering vegan protein options beyond beans. The company introduced their line of Beyond Meat products last year, and although they aren’t as well known as other Mexican or Tex-Mex-styled fast-food places, they’re gaining a huge new customer base among vegans and vegetarians. 

5. Dunkin’ Donuts

If you’re on the road and need something to get your day started, Dunkin’ Donuts has you covered, vegan or not. The company’s delicious breakfast sandwiches are to die for, and once they introduced a (Snoop Dogg-approved) Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich, vegans had a reason beyond the coffee to hit them up. 

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6. Chipotle

There’s a Chipotle in just about every major city, and vegans couldn’t be happier about it given how easy it is to customize your food to meet your dietary choices. Taking meat out of any item on the menu is pretty simple with Sofritas as an option, and eliminating any other non-vegan items is as simple as asking or skipping items when placing your order. On top of that, the food is super filling and decently cheap if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck.

7. Subway

Even before introducing Beyond Meat products, Subway was pretty easy to order from as a vegan or vegetarian. Veggie subs and salads offered a filling meal at a decent price, but now they’re introducing a Beyond meatball marinara sub, too. The new sandwich is rolling out across Canada so Subway is now an even better option for vegan fast food. 

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8. Pizza Pizza

Pizza is a timeless classic, and who doesn’t like to have a box stashed in the back seat of your vehicle when you’re on a long drive? If you’re vegan, finding somewhere that offers vegan cheese options is pretty difficult, and it’s not truly pizza if there isn’t cheese. Luckily, Pizza Pizza has you covered. Their vegan cheese options from Violife are surprisingly good and make for a fantastic option if you want to order for multiple vegans at once. 

9. White Castle

White Castle is best known for being a central plot point in Harold & Kumar and having the best slider burgers around. They introduced Impossible sliders in 2018 and were so successful in doing so, they actually ran into shortages for a little while. The fast-food joint also just launched dairy-free cheese to go with it. This is easily one of the best options for a vegan who wants to jam down dozens of burgers without any shame. 

10. Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr. wised up along with many other fast-food chains by offering a Beyond Meat option at the beginning of last year and introduced their own vegan option. The company’s Beyond Burger 2.0 is just as good as the real thing, and while it’s not a five-star burger, it’s the exact thing you need when you want something fast, easy to grab and meatless when you’ve got a long drive ahead of you.