Despite initially drawing viewers in with the promise of mystery, teen angst, and cannibalistic rituals, Yellowjackets fans also tune into the Showtime series every week because of the promise of killer needle drops to soundtrack it all. From its eerie yet catchy intro music to songs from beloved ‘90s artists, the series about a girls’ soccer team stranded in the Canadian wilderness after a plane crash has gained a reputation for its alternative music selection. 

Its first season was supervised by Jen Malone, who also worked on the cult HBO series Euphoria. Malone handpicked underground faves and chart-topping hits alike to transport the viewer directly into its ‘90s-set timeline and capture the mood of its present-day arc, driven by decades of trauma. For season 2, Nora Felder, who worked on period pieces such as Netflix's Stranger Things and the Fear Street trilogy, joined as music supervisor and hasn’t disappointed.

Both have expertly curated tracks that allow the show to flourish as the tense and heartfelt drama that it is, fully embracing how music encapsulates the characters’ feelings and helps them to escape — from listening to a dilapidated walkman in a deserted cabin to humming tunes in order to stay sane. Because Yellowjackets so notably cocoons its audience in sound waves, Alternative Press rounded up some of the show's very best needle drops so far. 

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The best Yellowjackets needle drops

From Hole to Radiohead, see some of the very best music moments on Showtime's Yellowjackets below.